Swimwear for Moms in Their 30s: Tess Daly, Celebrity Mom

Swimwear for Moms. When we wrote our original post below nearly ten years ago, we did not realize that Tess was already out of her 30s. Much props to her because we thought, based on her photos, that she was either 32 or 33. Anyhoo, she celebrated her big five oh this year and she is still rocking her swimwear. Here’s a pic she shared to her followers on Instagram which you might want to follow (@tessdaly).

swimwear for mom in their 50s - tess daly

And the message she wrote about the gift of growing older:

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your lovely birthday messages but….this photo was taken on my birthday which was actually a month ago! (Wikipedia isn’t always right🤣) I got to celebrate my (biiiig!) birthday soaking up the sunshine in the beautiful Maldives; which felt like the perfect place to also celebrate feeling another year older, wiser and more grateful 🙏🏻❤️ because as you mature you understand more that it’s not about what you own- or what you look like but so much MORE about the people you love and the person you’ve become.

And one thing I’ll never regret is growing older as it’s a privilege denied to many. Sending happy Saturday vibes to you all and lots of love

Wow. We never thought of growing older as a privilege but that is actually very true. Preach, Sister Tess!

Swimwear for Moms in Their 30s: Tess Daly, Celebrity Mom (15 November 2009). Who says women in their late 30s won’t look good in skimpy bikini swimwear? Not Strictly Come Dancing’s Tess Daly who’s looking good in the above photo. She deserves more props too for having a great figure after she gave birth to daughter Amber just six months ago. What’s her “back to my old gorgeous figure” secret? We’re thinking its just the good old diet and exercise.

swimwear for moms in their 30s

Photo of a pregnant Tess after the jump.

tess daly pregnancy dress

Nice maternity dress, huh?

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