Michael Bastian Swimwear for Men: Mark Sanchez on GQ Magazine

Michael Bastian continues to come up with fabulous and totally wearable swimwear for men. This is what swimwear should look like – not that scandalous and stupidly bulge-enhanced Andrew Christian Swim Jock nor the totally unsexy and unsightly below-the-knee “long shorts” that we’ve seen some male celebrities wear to the swimming pool. If you want to look hot and cool in your swimwear, you can’t go wrong buying a Michael Bastian.

Best Swim Shorts for Men: Addicted for Summer 2016


Best Swim Shorts for Men in Summer. Looking for a fabulous swimwear brand to wear this coming summer? Well, check out these swim outfits from Spanish brand Addicted. The Barcelona-based apparel company has snagged some famous names in “adult” entertainment to model its swimwear offerings. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Mens Bikini Briefs: Jon Bernthal Underwear – Bar Starz

Mens Bikini Briefs 2016: Jon Bernthal Underwear. Did you ever dream of seeing Jon Bernthal dancing in bikini briefs underwear? Well, consider your dream fulfilled. Check out these screencaps from the 2008 movie, Bar Starz. According to a poster on ONTD, Bar Starz is a “horrible, horrible movie. Just fast forward to all of Jon’s parts. That’s what I do. When all you watch is Jon Bernthal it’s a solidly C- film. Highly quotable, too.”

Michael Roark Shirtless Actor-Lawyer: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

michael roark bulge - jammer swimsuit - dolphin tales

Michael Roark Shirtless Lawyer Hunk. Look who’s rocking his jammer swimsuit? It’s lawyer-turned-actor Michael Roark. The above pic is from the 2011 movie Dolphin Tale where Michael played the role of competitive swimmer Donovan Peck. Ain’t he cool? Which is the sexier Michael Roark shirtless photo, the one above or this next one below?