Swedish Coat Brand For Men: Ljung Winter Coats on Andre Bentzer

Swedish Coat Brand for Men Update. Nine years later, is the Ljung label still alive and kicking. Does it still produce trendy coats for guys to wear for the upcoming cold winter months? Well, first things first, yes the Ljung fashion brand is alive and well. Secondly, yes, it continues to make fabulous winter menswear. Check out for intance this animal print hoodie.

swedish coats for men by ljung

Then here’s a classically good looking and forever trendy wool overcoat which is made of 80% wool and 20% polyamide.

swedish coat for men - zack wool overcoat by ljung

If you ain’t a fan of overcoats, then you might opt for this Ljung leather jacket.

swedish coat for men - ljung leather jacket

Swedish Coat For Men: Ljung Coats on Andre Bentzer (02 December 2010). Swedish male fashion model Andre Bentzer headlines the fall/winter 2010 campaign of a fashion label from his homeland, Ljung – a really new clothing company started by fashion designer Marcus Larsson.

swedish coat for men - ljung winter coats

According to berns.se, Ljung’s philosophy lies in a fundamental belief that: “‘New-tailored multifunctionalism is the secret key to leading a seamless existence.’ Therefore the focus of Ljung is to enhance razor-sharp, dressed styles with functional details. The faultlessly chic silhouettes, charm and suavity of Dandyism are coupled with the dream of modern intelligent living. Elegantly whispering of sleek control, ineffable style, the designs’ roots give them an inspirational attitude.”

Okay, those kinda went way over our heads — what do “seamless existence”, “modern intelligent living”, “elegantly whispering of sleek control” mean exactly? — but hey, these Ljung outfits are pretty cool and we totally see our beau wearing them.

swedish menswear - mens jackets for fall winter

fall autumn jackets for men - ljung swedish label collection for 2010

Want more fall clothes for men? Check out Tom Hardy’s Kathmandu bubble jacket and the Gucci Maroon Silk Cotton Heritage Suit on Robert Pattinson [See Robert Pattinson Gucci Suits].

Ljung Menswear: Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Collection (03 December 2010). Want more Ljung menswear? Ljung, as we mentioned in a previous post, is a new clothing company from Sweden. It makes pretty stylish menswear as you can see in these photos featuring model Andre Bentzer for the label’s Fall/Winter 2010 campaign.

mens cardigan by sweding clothing label ljung - fall winter campaign

We love the cardigan above. The plaid shirt is pretty cool too, no?

plaid shirts for men - fall winter collection

ljung menswear fall winter clothes

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