Eddie Fox Shirtless: EMT Hunk on Survivor Caramoan

Eddie Fox Shirtless: EMT Hunk on Survivor Caramoan. The next installment of our favorite reality show, Survivor, will start airing this coming February and we are excited because of the hunks, hunks, and the extra hot hunks. Okay, okay fellow Famewatchers, let’s not overdo the enthusiasm shall we? Anyhoo, the castaway we are most looking forward to in the coming Survivor Caramoan season is the dude above, Edward “Eddie” Fox. Damn, doesn’t he look like a movie star?

eddie fox shirtless survivor caramoan

We are now officially breaking up with our imaginary Survivor boyfriend from last season, Pete Yurkowski, and are replacing him with Eddie. Haha. We just hope that Eddie will fare better in the Survivor game and not be like Pete who squandered his strong position by becoming a Malcolm Freberg fanboy. Ugh!

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Charlie Herschel: Survivor Gay Hottie is Married Now!

Charlie Herschel Gay Husband. Our Charlie is now married! Yay. Actually our Charlie and his hubby, Kent Gould, tied the knot three years ago in 2013. Belated congratulations to the couple. Question: Is Charlie the first Survivor gay husband?

According to the NY Times (from which we grabbed the pic below), Charlie continues to do his lawyering work. He’s a legal manager with American Express.

Kent, on the other hand, is an architect and project manager for Ralph Lauren who designs retail stores for the clothing giant. Here’s a photo of Charlie and Kent which we grabbed from the NY Times:

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Mike Holloway Survivor: Shirtless Texas Oil Driller is our Imaginary Boyfriend

Mike Holloway Survivor Imaginary Boyfriend. We didn’t think we’ll find an imaginary Survivor boyfriend this season but then the premiere aired and we fell in love with Mike Halloway. Damn! Ain’t he a hottie? To quote our friend Deena, “He’s a hot guy who does not seem to know of his hotness which makes him move even hotter. That’s the best kind of hot!!!”

mike holloway boxers 2

Doesn’t he look sexy in his coveralls? Mike is a lovable goof too! Him eating a deadly scorpion made us laugh and, at the same time, very concerned that he’s gonna poison himself to death. He reminds us so much of Eddie Fox, the lovable hunky fireman/EMT of Survivor Philippines.

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Rodney Lavoie Jr Shirtless: Survivor World’s Apart – Blue Collar

Is Rodney Lavoie Jr. the Eddie Fox of Survivor World’s Apart: White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar? You remember Eddie, right? He’s the sexy and fun-loving muscle hunk of Survivor Caramoan who brightens the TV screen every time he smiles.

Rodney Lavoie Jr shirtless survivor

We so loved us our Eddie Fox! And, for the past three seasons, we’ve been looking for someone who kinda resembles the lovable hunk but no one came close. Until now that is. We sure are hoping that Rodney with his muscles and tight V-neck shirt and easy smile will be our next imaginary Survivor boyfriend. Hehe.

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