Survivor Hunks Underwear: Jeff Wilson in Boxers and Briefs

Survivor Hunks Underwear: Jeff Wilson. Boxers or briefs underwear, what do you prefer? We must admit that we’re kinda baffled by that question. Is it really a case of either one or the other? Can’t a man use both types of underwear? Of course, they can. Survivor Palau hunk Jeff Wilson obviously agrees with us because he seems comfortable wearing both boxers and briefs. He looks great in either of them too.

survivor hunks underwear jeff wilson boxers

By the way, isn’t Jeff the cutest and hunkiest Survivor ever? Sure Spencer Duhm is cute but he is not as hunky as our Palau castaway. Check out Jeff modeling Aussiebum briefs in the photo below.

survivor hunks underwear jeff wilson

And here’s our Survivor hunk, with his sculpted washboard abs and all, modeling Bonds boxer briefs underwear.

survivor hunks underwear model jeff wilson

Surely, Jeff Wilson is not just the hunkiest Survivor dude! He’s also got the best washboard abs ever. Those are abs that Jeff Probst can only dream about. Right, Jeff? But to be fair to Jeff, he also had enviable six packs and eight pack abs when he was younger.

jeff wilson underwear model

Classical white boxer shorts never go out of style. They’re good for all men of different shapes and sizes. But in-shape guys like Jeff Wilson will rock their boxers all the time. Uh, we’re really getting silly.

Here’s a question for those in the know: Was Jeff already an underwear model before he appeared on Survivor? Or did he become a model following his exposure o the show?

We are to lazy to research. Haha. Truth be told we are too busy spending our time appreciating Jeff Wilson’s sculpted washboard abs so we do not have time to research.

survivor hunks swimwear - jeff wilson

Come on now girls, admit it, these photos of our Survivor hunks underwear are too distracting. Not only that, it is also making us thirsty for a tall glass of water.

survivor hunks shirtless jeff wilson

Survivor Hunks Underwear: Jeff Wilson in Boxers and Briefs. Posted 28 July 2009.