Superdry Mens Underwear: Models, Athletes, Celebrities

Superdry Mens Underwear: Models, Athletes, Celebrities. Huh, did you know Superdry sells men’s underwear? We must admit that we ain’t familiar with the brand at all and that we only heard of it in the early 2Ks when David Beckham keeps wearing (and keeps getting photographed) his chic Superdry leather jacket.

superdry male underwear models 2021 - neymar

This time we discovered from another top football player, Brazilian star Neymar, that the British label has its own mens underwear line. Apparently, the Paris Saint-Germain forward has inked a three-year deal with Superdry to be the face of the brand’s organic cotton underwear.

Of course, once we learned that Superdry sells men’s underwear, we went looking for celebrities who were seen wearing them and we came across this photo of British boxer Campbell Hatton — who, apparently is Ricky Hatton’s son — wearing a pair of Superdry boxer briefs when he weighed in for his first ever bout inside the ring. He went on to record a win over opponent Jesus Ruiz.

superdry mens underwear models2

Naturally, we also went looking for male models wearing Superdry undies and we did not end up disappointed either. First up is Louis Banes giving us a peek at his underwear when he headlined the label’s 2020 advertising campaign.

superdry male underwear models - louis baines 2020 campaign

And here’s another model, Ton Heukels, giving us another peekabo look.

superdry male underwear models - Ton Heukels

And here’s a backstage look at Tyler Maher during a Superdry fashion show a few years back.

superdry mens underwear model 2021 - tyler maher

We screengrabbed the next four photos from the Superdry website and we, unfortunately, do not know the names of the models. Maybe you can ID them?

superdry underwear for men2

And here are other models we found on some sites selling undies and sports wear:

superdry male underwear models chinese hunk

hot mens superdry underwear model

Finally, let’s end this post with our favorite male model wearing Superdry underwear, this beefy guy we found on Flickr. He’s our fav because he kinda looks like our hubby. Haha.

hot and beefy mens superdry underwear model

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