Sunseeker Swimsuit: Most Expensive Bikini in the World?

Sunseeker Swimsuit is the Most Expensive Swimsuit in the World? What is sillier than the very expensive Rick Owens crocodile leather jacket we blogged about last month? It’s this very, very expensive Sunseeker swimsuit made by Australian jewellery designer Ann Middleton.

sunseeker swimsuit by ann middleton is world most expensive

Why are we calling this swimsuit “silly”? Because it reportedly costs a million Australian dollars which is equivalent to US$937,600 or £583,302. Why is the suit this expensive? Because, to use the words of the Daily Mail, its “intricately garnished with over 220 diamonds and pearls”.

Not unexpectedly, the internetizens are blasting this outfit not only for its extravagance but also for its design. Here’s what some commenters/critics are saying:
Bo, Somewhere, Netherlands: I have never seen something so expensive looking so cheap. And whats with these pictures? They can make a million dollar swimsuit and couldn’t hire a good photographer or model?

pk, London, United Kingdom: LOL all that money wasted and it’s a terrible fit for even the slimmest model. Well done. Who would even wear that out on the beach? because let’s face it if you didn’t get robbed and left naked then you would just end up with the most awful tan lines and patches. Ridiculous.

darkheartxxx, Nottingham: I wouldn’t wear it mind buy it. you would have white lines where the straps are if you got a tan

Chuck_Norris, leeds, United Kingdom: Whats the point of a swimsuit if you cant swim with it on………….

Gottdammerung, London: Pretty much sums up what’s wrong with the world, doesn’t it? A world in which it would take someone working for minimum wage nearly 50 years of their labour to afford.

misslc, Glasgow uk: Swimsuit does not even fit her…. It’s only just covered a part of her chest! Also looks like it’s made of really cheap material too.

Lola, Ireland: The phrase “more money than sense” springs to mind. Also if you’re going to make a ridiculously overpriced swimsuit like that, it might be worth hiring a model that it actually fits.

Careena, Sussex, United Kingdom: this is helpful isn’t it, when the next message is asking for help in countries where they are dying, asking for £1, well donate this stupid swimsuit to those in proper need, it will only be discarded by this model anyway. GTet a sense of reality please.

UnknownLady, London, United Kingdom: Looks cheap and tacky! Wouldn’t even buy it if it was £10.

The last comment by UnknownLady is our favorite because it neatly sums up what we here at Famewatcher think about the garment.

So what do you think of this Sunseeker swimsuit? If you are SuperRich, would you buy this outfit for one million Australian dollars or would you rather donate your money to charitable organizations working to save the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines?

Note: For those of you wondering, the girl modeling this swimsuit is Samantha Harris.