Styling Hollywood Review: Melinda Elvenes is the MVP of Episode 3

Styling Hollywood Review: Melinda Elvenes is the MVP of Episode 3. The third episode presents us with the old age question that couples often have to confront: What do you do when one is ready to have a baby while the other is not?

Previously, we learned that Adair Curtis is ready to have a baby and has scheduled a surrogacy appointment while Jason Bolden is hesitant and having second thoughts about the idea although he did earlier agree to said appointment. As may be expected, this difference in what they want for such an important aspect of their lives, leads to an argument which boils over to the third episode.

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There is an uncomfortableness in this episode because of the disagreement between the couple but we ain’t taking sides on this one because we see where each of them is coming from. We understand Adair’s frustration with Jason’s inability to commit because, after all, they’ve talked about having a baby for years (was it seven years?). However, we also understand Jason’s point of view as well as his fear that he might not be able to be the daddy he wants himself to be.

No one is really right or wrong here. And we love the show for presenting the issue in an even-handed manner of adults trying to resolve a problem in an adult way. Well, there was some sulking involved but that is understandable and is also a very adult response to a disagreement. Hehe.

Anyhoo, as we stated above, we are giving the MVP title to Melissa Elvenes for this episode because she brought a perspective to the issue backed by her experience as a single mom. Although she initially told Jason and Adair to go ahead and have a baby because they will be loving capable fathers, what she said gnawed at her because she knows that it is really not that simple.

Her initial advise bothered her so much that she had to talk to Jadair (let’s call them this, shall we?) and shared with them her experience of having a baby with the man she loves but who she had to split ways with because they are simply on a different place when it comes to having a baby in their lives.

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And this is where we decided to stan Melissa the same way we are now stanning Gabrielle Union. Here’s our Norwegian queen sharing her experience:

“It’s easy to say that all you do is just have the baby and it works out but its a make or break thing. Me and Julian broke up because we were in the middle of a baby, a house, everything. We couldn’t handle it. It’s gonna be really tough when you do have the baby. It’s gonna be a challenge. And you guys need to you that you are strong in this together.

I just need to share with you that you guys make a choice that is 100% true but for both of you. So you have to talk about it. You have to be open about it. You have to share with one another because it can make and it can break your relationship.”

Well said, Queen Melissa. The reality is that babies can bring couples closer but, if they are not on the same page on the idea, it can also have the effect of wrecking an otherwise stable relationship. Melissa also made the revelation that she and her ex decided to have an abortion because they were not at the best place to have another baby.

The third episode of Styling Hollywood also shows us Jason and John styling Camila Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter for the People’s Choice Awards. Because the two celebrity clients are in opposite sides of town, Jason had to entrust Camila to his assistant while he carries out the trickier task of ensuring that Sabrina’s suit is perfect for her.  The outfits turned out alright on the red carpet so we gotta give props to John for not effing up his first solo assignment with a celebrity client.