Styling Hollywood Recap Episode 4: Kafia Ahmed is Gone Forever?

Styling Hollywood Recap: Kafia Ahmed Goodbye Forever or For Now? The fourth episode of Styling Hollywood shows us the challenges of having a friend as an employee (or as an employer). As we mentioned in our first Styling Hollywood recap, operations manager Kafia Ahmed and her boss Adair Curtis have a soft of on-again/off-again relationship whereby Kafia is either fired (according to Adair) or resigns (according to Kafia) but then is subsequently either re-hired or un-resigns.

We get a clearer understanding of this less than ideal relationship when Katya arrived late for work and when, while on an errand with her boss driving the car, she was texting and talking updates with her side gig contacts.

At the end of the episode, in a restaurant where the two met for dinner presumably to hash things out, Kafia stated that maybe its time for her to leave JSN while Adair expressed that if she feels that she is not appreciated then she should go. They were kinda talking at the same time so we are not sure whether she resigned first or whether he fired her first.

Kafia Ahmed and Adair Curtis Styling Hollywood

Is this the end of Kafia on the show? Or will we be meeting her in upcoming episodes? Too bad if we won’t see her again because, as we stated previously, she is a good person just like all the other Styling Hollywood cast members.

Anyhoo, we do not have a dog in this race but here are the points that each side brought up during the dinner/meeting.

Kafia’s points:

  • When she came on, it was only for one straight role that has warped into something way more. She literally eat, breath, sleep JSN.
  • Adair has her work 18-hour days five months straight. (Adair replies that he does the same thing but Kafia counters that he is the CEO.)
  • She doesn’t think that Adair and Jason have intentionally taken her for granted but the idea was that compensation would be somewhere reasonable so that she would stop taking on other things.
  • If she turns down work then at least she should be compensated for that loss of income somewhere else and feels like equity might be a better route.
  • She has given up a lot of time, energy, turned things down just to be present for JSN but feels like that is not valued, not appreciated, or reciprocated.

Adair’s points:

  • It gets excessive when she takes side projects and is gone for a week.
  • Even if she is given equity, he does not think it would solve the problem (of her taking side gigs during company time). Besides JSN is not Facebook or a startup with a billion-dollar VC fund behind it.
  • They do expect a lot from her but she is making a great salary just shy of six figures.
  • He has given Kafia his blessing to take on other jobs with the understanding that JSN Studio comes first. What she has to do with her family is on her and that she has to find the time and space to do that.
  • He comes from the land of Puff Daddy where the job is 24-7 day a week job, no matter what. Not to say that it’s always like that at JSN Studio but when it’s crunch time and they really have to get things done, that’s what they have to do.

Other happenings during this episode are: Jason and Adair do a photoshoot for Out Magazine, Jason and John style Storm Reid who will be hosting a Teen Vogue event for one whole day, and Jason gets the news that he will be styling Serena Williams which is something he’d been dreaming about for a long time.

In other news, after their argument in the previous episode, Jason and Adair mend their differences on the issue of having a baby with the help of Queen Melinda.

Update: Turns out that Kafia did not actually “resign” or was not actually “fired” by Adair during their dinner/meeting in episode 4 because she continues to work with JSN in episode 5. However, when Adair finds out that Melinda is actually the one monitoring the Hill House Project and that Kafia was simply relaying information to him, he eventually let go of his friend in episode 6. This time, the break in their work relationship is final. However, they are able to set aside their hurt feelings and continue to be friends.

Did Kafia overplay her hand here? To us, it seems like she did. It is clear that she is a very capable person who helped build JSN to what it has become but there’s just no excuse to doing your side gigs on company time in front of your boss. Adair may have re-hired her in the past after their previous break-ups but, with the very capable Melissa (the MVP in episode 3) picking up the slack while Kafia is away doing her gigs, it looks like JSN has less need of her now than in the past.

Kafia’s firing may actually be a blessing in disguise for her because she can now pursue a career in event organizing which appears to be her passion. And since she is still close with the JSN people, she can always do side gigs with them which she does in the Oscar episode.

That’s it for episode 4, check out our other Styling Hollywood recaps.