Stoffel Vandoorne Shirtless, Six Pack Abs, Girlfriend

Stoffel Vandoorne Shirtless, Six Pack Abs, Girlfriend. Who is the hottest Formula One driver in the world? Our friend Kevin says the title belongs to Belgian racer Stoffel Vandoorne. If you ask him why, Kevin says it’s because he’s the only F1 driver who’s got a subreddit — r/Stoffelwaffle — dedicated to his hotness.

Now, not being a denizen of the above subreddit, we cannot confirm whether our friend is telling the truth because it very well may be that the subreddit is more about Stoffel’s athletic accomplishments rather than his hotness. Still, there’s no question though that having a subreddit dedicated to you is a big deal so props to Stoffel for inspiring such a dedication.

There’s no question too that the guy is hot in the “male beauty” sense and that he’s comfortable showing his hawtness to his social media fans and the greater public. Here are some shirtless photos of the guy we grabbed from his Instagram account which you might want to follow @svandoorne.

Stoffel Vandoorne shirtless f1 driver

Stoffel Vandoorne beach body surfing hunk

Stoffel Vandoorne body with pals

Who’s your pal, Stoff?

Stoffel Vandoorne body

Stoffel Vandoorne gay or straight

Stoffel Vandoorne shirtless beach body

He looks good shirtless but he also rocks it when he’s wearing his drive suit.

Stoffel Vandoorne f1 driver suit

Stoffel Vandoorne Gay or Straight? He is straight and dating girlfriend Anna de Ferran. Here are photos of the two attending an AMFAR event and chilling at sea together:

Stoffel Vandoorne girlfriend Anna de Ferran

Stoffel Vandoorne girlfriend Anna de Ferran2

Stoffel Vandoorne F1 Earnings. How much money has our Belgian hunk banked for racing in Formula One? According to the website which is on top of driver’s earnings, Stoffel has made a total of US$ $7.3 million.

That may not be as big as what the top dogs are making — Lewis Hamilton is projected to make 45 million euros this year alone — but 7 million dollars is nothing to scoff at and is an amount that we folks can only dream about.

Speaking of dreams, our friend Kevin says he dreamt about Stoff’s abs last night. Nah, we’re joking.

Stoffel Vandoorne hot f1 driver

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