Steven Gerrard Shirtless, Young, Wedding Photos

Steven Gerrard Shirtless, Young, Wedding Photos. It’s been more than ten years since we last blogged about our imaginary football boyfriend so let’s we check out how he’s doing, shall we? Did you know that he is a football manager now? He’s been getting great reviews too in his new gig.

steven gerrard hot in suit

In 2018, he joined the Scottish Premiership club Rangers to serve as its manager. Three years later, the club won the league title for the first time in ten years. Yay! Because of his impressive work as a manager, the Premiere League (specifically Aston Villa) came a-calling and appointed him as the head coach of the Aston Villa F.C. We look forward to updating this post ten years from now where we will be telling you that he led his new team to several championship titles.

Steven Gerrard Young. Some pics of our imaginary beau from when he was younger. Did you know that, among several awards, he brought home the PFA Young Player of the Year award?

steven gerrard young pfa young player of the year

Celebrating after helping England win during a World Cup qualifying round.

steven gerrard young - 2002 fifa qualifying round

steven gerrard young

We did not include his wedding photo with wife Alex in our original post but it’s better late than never, no?

steven gerrard wedding 2007 - alex curran

Steven Gerrard Shirtless Photos. Of course, we did not forget the Famewatcher hos among us who are fans of hunky shirtless dudes.

steven gerrard shirtless with jelle van damme

steven gerrard shirtless with prince william

steven gerrard shirtless in the pitch

Steven Gerrard Shoes, Shirtless, Underwear, and Gay Kissing Photos (1 September 2010). Look who’s rocking his Converse shoes? It’s Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, baby! What a nice photo of our Steven with his wife Alex Curran (aka she who is white Speedo┬ácurious). These two must have gone on a date or something. Alex is looking so cute like a high school girl so in love with the varsity captain of their school football squad. How sweet.

steven gerrard shoes

By the by, have you seen Steven Gerrard kiss Xabi Alonso? Well, go and check out the video. It’s kinda fun. They smacked on the lips too.

Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso: Kissing Football Players (30 July 2010). Check out this video of football players Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso kissing. The two used to be teammates at Liverpool but the Spanish Xabi transferred to Real Madrid leaving Steven “devastated”.

From Mirrorfootball: “Devastated, yeah. Devastated. But there was nothing I could do about it,” he told FourFourTwo magazine. “Xabi said a long time ago that he wanted another chapter in his career and finally he got it and his team-mates and the coaches couldn’t stand in his way. We just have to say thanks and move forward without him.”

Steven adds: “It’s always going to be different when you lose one of the best players in the world – and people are finally realising that’s what he is, on the back of his form for Real Madrid and the difference in us from last year. We’ve got other midfielders here doing a good job but it will take a while before Alonso’s out of our system because he was such a top player.”

Aww. We would be devastated too if our kissing buddy leaves us for the enemy.

Steven Gerrard Football Shorts (03 July 2010). Our quote for the day comes from English footballer Steven Gerrard who, it must be said, is looking good in his football shorts a-la John Terry (hehe).


Anyhoo, here’s our Steven quote: “If I want to win a World Cup, I’m going to have to do it soon. But I’m in good shape and I’ve still got five years to fight for the top prizes in football. I don’t know if this will be my last World Cup but I want to give it everything. We’ve (England’s current crop of players) been together for a long time, so I don’t think there are any excuses for us anymore. It’s time to deliver. The team is winning and confidence is high, but we still have some improving to do if we want to go all the way.”


Steven Gerrard Underwear and Beach Trunks (01 June 2010). What brand of underwear does Steven wear? Apparently, he wears Reebok briefs underwear. Honestly, we didn’t know Reebok is also into making undies.

steven gerrard reebok underwear

And here’s Steven, with wife Alex Curran (Remember her? We wrote about her on our post on whether white Speedo swimsuits are good or bad), having a fun and wet time at the beach.

steven gerrard beach shorts

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