Steven Fletcher Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos

Steven Fletcher Hair Transplant: Look who’s got another hair transplant? It’s Sunderland striker Steven Fletcher. He had his first hair transplant two years ago and went for a repeat last month. He says of his second hair restoration procedure (via Scotland Now): “They did say I could come back for more after the first one. I felt now was a good time to get the back of my hair done as all the fans in the stands can see it! When I signed pro, you see all those nice haircuts and I always just had mine as short as possible as I didn’t have much of it.”

He adds, “I had the opportunity to do it and thought why not? Two days after, I was walking into my house and a mate shouted, ‘Have you had your hair done?’ I didn’t think anyone would notice but there was obviously a big difference.”

steven fletcher hair transplant - before and after photos

What kind of hair transplant did Steven undergo exactly? It is called follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular transfer (FT). An FUE procedure involves the extraction of units of hair follicles from a donor area of dense hair growth which is then transferred to the bald part of the head. The advantage of this procedure over others is that it results in lesser scarring and a quicker patient recovery time. The procedure is best suited for people with mild to moderate levels of baldness.

Here’s a video of Steven talking about his hair transplant:

For those who are wondering, our footballer had his procedure done at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. How much did it cost? About £25,000 according to Scotland Now. We are not sure whether that already includes his second hair transplant procedure or whether he had to pay for the second visit.

The image above shows us some before and after hair transplant photos of Steven but here’s another pair. Steven looking good before his follicular transfer surgery:

steven fletcher before hair transplant

And here’s Steven looking better after his hair transplant procedure:

steven fletcher after hair transplant

What do you think of this Steven Fletcher hair transplant? It’s money well paid, if you ask us! For more celebrity hair transplant surgery, go check out our post on Joel McHale’s Hair Transplant.

Steven Fletcher Hair Transplant: Before and After Photos
. Posted 4 August 2014. Last updated: April 20, 2020 at 11:45 am.