Steve Hooper Lawyer Model: Kilt, Leather, Suit and Tie

Steve Hooper Lawyer Model: Kilt, Leather, Suit and Tie. Move over Israeli lawyer Dudi Balsar, you’re not the only hot lawyer here anymore. Okay, we take that back. What we should have said is “Dudi, meet Steve Hooper. Steve, meet Dudi. You are both lawyers who, for some reason, decided to not practice law but be a male model instead.”

steve hooper lawyer model open shirt

Now, Famewatchers, time to take your pick. Who is the hotter lawyer: Steve from the United Kingdom or Dudi from Israel?

steve hooper lawyer model

Let’s have more Steve Hooper and his shirt and tie or suit and tie ensemble, shall we? Want more men in suits? Check out these Ten Hot Men in Suit and Tie.

If you are wondering why a highly educated person like Steve would turn into modeling, he revealed in a 2004 interview with LA Muscle that he was disappointed with the legal profession so he returned to modeling. Apparently, he’s been modeling since he was a teenager.

Says Steve: “Although I am a qualified company/commercial lawyer, I have been working in the adult industry for almost eight years. I graduated Law School in 1994 but soon became despondent with the legal profession. I had been modelling commercially on and off since I was 13 years old and decided to try and pursue it full time. In my early twenties I modelled mainly underwear and swimwear.”

Here’s Steve as a chauffeur. Ain’t he super cute? That suspenders he’s wearing reminds us of pretty newsboys. But what’s up with the leather glove, Stevie? Hehe.

Our Steve sure loves him his leather doesn’t he? Not that anyone’s complaining because he does sizzle in that leather bodysuit.

According to his IMDB profile Steve has, to date, starred in a total of 149 movies. Practically all of these movies are made for adults but he did appear in mainstream movies such as the Daniel Craig starrer Layer Cake (as one of uncredited couple bumping uglies). He was also a body double in the second installment of Basic Instinct.

Someone should hire him to star in a mainstream movie where he wears a kilt because he’s kinda hot in that picture above. Anyhoo, let us end this post with our lawyer model shirtless with a kilt.

steve hooper lawyer male model wearing kilt

Steve Hooper Lawyer Model: Kilt, Leather, Suit and Tie. Posted 3 August 2008. Updated 14 May 2017.