Sterling Beaumon Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Sterling Beaumon Shirtless and Underwear Photos. When we first saw the photo above we were like, “Who is that cute guy? He reminds us of Old Hollywood? Is he a star from the 1930s?” Turns out that the guy’s name is Sterling Beaumon. The name may sound like classic Old Hollywood but he’s actually an up-and-coming star in this day and age.


Sterling is an actor from Burbank, California. He just turned 18 yesterday (June 2). He’s a model/actor who started in the biz in 2005 when he appeared in the TV show 7th Heaven as “Kid With Gun” and in the movie Left Behind as “Ghost Boy”. He has since graduated to more prominent roles like the recently cancelled Red Widow where he was cast as Gabriel Walraven, the oldest son of the main character. On the big screen, watch out for him in two upcoming movies scheduled for release this year: The Pretty One (a comedy drama) and Crawlspace (a horror movie). Both movies are currently in post-production so they should be hitting the theaters sooner rather than later.

How tall is Sterling Beaumon? Apparently, according to his IMDB profile, he is quite tall at 6′ 2″ (1.88 m). Considering that he’s still 18 years old, it won’t be unexpected if he adds more inches in the next few years.

Sterling Beaumon tight skinny jeans

Like his fellow celebrities of the Millenial Generation, Sterling doesn’t mind taking pictures of himself while wearing nothing in bed (okay, we assume he’s wearing underwear underneath them sheets).

sterling beaumon shirtless body

Like other millenials, he also likes to show his underwear in front of the camera. It’s obviously his way of answering the “boxers or briefs” question. Famewatchers, let it be know that Sterling Beaumon likes boxers rather than briefs.

sterling beaumon showing underwear

What brand of undies does he wear? Next pic tells us he’s a Calvin Klein dude.

sterling beaumon no shirt showing underwear

Is that his girlfriend or is she just a random fan?

sterling beaumon shirtless

Maybe he is more into having boyfriends and that the shirtless guy he’s with is his boyfriend? Nah. More likely, he’s just a buddy.

sterling beaumon gay

Seriously, does Sterling have a girlfriend? We like how a wikianswers netizen answers the question and the answer goes like this:

No, he does not have a girlfriend. But he will, very soon because he is a good catch. I think lots of girls have asked him out before.

Update on Sterling’s girlfriend status: He is single at the moment but, according to, he dated Kelli Berglund (2015) and Ana Golja (2011). Does he remind you of a young Zac Efron?

sterling beaumon looks hot body

He kinda also looks like Edward Norton, doesn’t he?

sterling beaumon trail snail chest hair

Okay, let’s end this post with a really cute shirtless pic of Sterling. Nice snail trail you’ve got there buddy!

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