Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding

Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding. We haven’t written anything about Stephen’s tons of awards in our previous post below so we decided to update this to talk about the matter. If you have to guess, how many awards do you think he’s won over the years? Would you believe that, per wikipedia, he won a total of 33 freakin’ awards and have been nominated 108 other times?

He sure is a winner, baby! And his haul includes 10 Emmy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 5 Peabody Awards, 7 Producers’ Guild Awards, and 4 Writers Guild Award. But wait, there’s more — he also won an acting trophy from the Satellite Award for Best Actor (Television Series Musical or Comedy) as well as a Peoples’ Choice and an American Comedy Award for Best Late Talk Show Host. Geeze, with all the awards he brought home, would a room be enough to put them in?

stephen colbert emmy award trophies

stephen colbert awards peabody

Stephen Colbert Wife and Wedding. For those of you wondering, our Stephen is married to wife Evelyn “Evie” McGee-Colbert. They got married in 1993 and are the proud parents of three children. Here are photos of the lovebirds from when they tied the knot and from a more recent Hollywood event.

stephen colbert wedding to wife evelyn mcgee

stephen colbert wife evelyn mcgee

Stephen Colbert Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? From the episode where he unzipped his pants to slap his posterior on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, we know that he wears boxer briefs underoos.

stephen colbert underwear reveal on late show

And here are some pics of a young Stephen for the folks among us who are wondering what he looked like when he was younger.

stephen colbert young with paul dinello

stephen colbert young


Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Gay Kisses, and Raven The Drag Queen. Today in men wearing women’s clothes, we bring you TV late night show host Stephen Colbert. Apparently, the much admired funny had a past life as Raven The Drag Queen. Check out Stephen as Raven.

stephen colbert drag queen named raven

Colbert talked about his cross-dressing past when RuPaul aka The Queen of All Queens dropped by for an interview. Watch. It’s a great interview and you should watch all of it. However, the relevant part where our Stephen talks about his Raven persona is at the 3.55 mark.

A still photo from the interview:

stephen colbert raven drag queen

Stephen Colbert Shirtless Photos. Now, this section is for those of you looking for Stephen Colbert shirtless pics. He posed for this photos for a Winter Olympics issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

stephen colbert shirtless body

We’re guessing this is a new sport called “box skating”?

stephen colbert shirtless body2

Our Colbert also went shirtless with his comic buddies Jon Stewart and Steve Carrell.

stephen colbert shirtless with steve carrell and jon stewart

Who of these three “oldsters” have a better chance of making it as a real male model? What say you, Tyra Banks?

stephen colbert shirtless with steve carrell and jon stewart2

Stephen Colbert Gay or Straight? Well, everyone knows our Stephen is straight but he is no stranger to kissing guys. For instance, check out our funny man going kissy kissy with dudes. First pic is actor Jeff Daniels kissing him on the cheek, then the TV host and Spiderman star Andrew Garfield shared a lingering kiss and, finally, Stephen and comic Dave Razowsky kiss on stage in Toronto. Unfortunately, we decided to not show the actual kiss because we’re afraid that Grandma Akita will threaten to disinherit us again.

stephen colbert gay kisses - jeff daniels, dave razowsky, and andrew garfield

Our favorite Stephen Colbert man-kissing incident would be when he and good friend Jon Stewart go at it.

stephen colbert jon stewart kissing

Let us end this post with our Stephen suited in Spandex, shall we? We grabbed this image from Sports Illustrated Magazine. He sure looks good in his Spandex suit, no?

stephen colbert spandex

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