Stephan Weiler Mr Switzerland Shirtless Photos

Stephan Weiler Mr Switzerland Shirtless Photos: Swiss Male Models (first posted 10 August 2009). Famewatchers, meet Stephan Weiler, a male model and male beauty pageant winner from the Land of Federer. Sorry Swiss friends if we think of your country as the Land of Federer. Haha. After all, isn’t he the greatest tennis player of all time?

stephan weiler mr switzerland shirtless

Anyhoo, back to our hunky male model. Stephan was dubbed in 2008 as the most handsome man of all Switzerland when he won as Mr. Switzerland and represented the country in the Mr. World contest. So he’s like Turkish male model Ertem Eser, although Eser went to Mr. World a year earlier.

Who wants to jump in bed with Mr Switzerland? Well, actually, the right question should be, “Who does not want to jump in bed with Mr Switzerland?” Then anybody who raises their hand would be whisked of to the mental institution. Joke. Joke.

stephan weiler mr switzerland winner

Here’s a news report about Stephan’s Mr. Switzerland win:

Weiler elected most handsome Swiss man
A student from St Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Stephan Weiler, has been elected this year’s Mr Switzerland in a televised contest in Zurich. Weiler, who celebrates his 24th birthday in Sunday, was chosen the most handsome Swiss from 16 finalists.

At one stage Weiler did not appear to be in the running as he was not among the last three but the jury put him back into the running with a “wild card”. Weiler, who is 184 cm tall and weighs 75 kg, said his dream would be to follow a career as a children’s doctor. He will receive prizes to the value of at least SFr100,000 ($99,384).

stephan weiler hot swiss male model

Let us end this post with a another shirtless photo of our Stephan Weiler Mr Switzerland. He truly is a gorgeous guy, no? May his reign as Mr Switzerland be all the things he dreamed it to be.

stephan weiler shirtless mr switzerland

Oh wait, here’s another Stephan Weiler modeling photo.

And this one is from when he won as Mr Switzerland.

stephan weiler mr switzerland winner

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