Star Wars Finn Leather Jacket: Guide to Buying Movie Fashion

Star Wars Finn Leather Jacket. One of the coolest things brought to us by the latest Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, is this beautiful leather jacket. Want to take a bet? We are going to bet US%1000 predict that this Finn leather jacket is going to make it to any list that enumerates The Best Movie Leather Jackets of All Time or one that picks The Most Iconic Film Leather Jackets.

star wars finn leather jacket - BY MICHAEL KAPLAN COSTUME DESIGNER

It really is one of the best-looking movie leather jacket we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Buying a Finn Star Wars Jacket? So where can you buy this leather jacket? Unfortunately, this is specially designed for the movie (by costume designer Michael Kaplan) so it really is not for sale. Fortunately, there are enterprising people out there who make replica movie jackets; you can ask them to make one for you. We’ve been looking at some replicas to buy for our man and they sure look like the real deal. In terms of how much to pay for a replica Star Wars Finn leather jacket, the ones we’ve seen does not go beyond US$200.

It is worth noting that this beautiful jacket actually originally belonged to Poe Dameron (played by our imaginary movie husband Oscar Isaac). The pilot, however, gave it to Finn who had to remove his uniform and thus was more exposed to the elements.


And that’s the beginning of their beautiful friendship (we think anyways).


From Poe to Finn: “Hey, that’s my leather jacket. You can wear it for the meantime.”


From Finn to Poe: “Thank you my brother. I will take very good care of it.” Our stormtrooper sure looks good wearing this leather jacket, no? Let’s check out some more Star Wars Finn leather jacket. The jacket is basically a badass.

star-wars-finn-leather-jacket - Custom Made Nubuck Jacket

Finn with Rey.


Finn with Han Solo who’s also rocking his own fabulous leather jacket.

star wars finn han solo leather jackets1

So what do you think of the Star Wars Finn leather jacket? You like it enough to go buy a replica, huh?