Sporty Mens Jacket: Fila Sportswear and Celebs Who Wear Them

sporty mens jacket fila sportswear

Sporty Mens Jacket: Fila Sportswear and Celebrities Who Wear Them. Are you looking for a stylish sports jackets to wear during these cold fall and winter months? Well, check out these well-tailored outfits from sports fashion house, Fila. The guy wearing them, in case you are wondering, is British male model Jacey Elthalion who’s got a gig to headline the Italian label’s Fall Winter Campaign.

sporty mens jacket - fila sportswear for fall winter

The blue outfit Jacey is wearing below is our favorite sporty mens jacket. As mentioned in earlier posts about picking our favs, we have a thing for outfits that are current and timeless. You know, ones that will look good today as well as five years (even ten years) from now. This blue sports jacket fits our criteria.

Actually the black jacket below could be current and timeless too.

fila sporty mens jacket for fall winter

Celebrities Seen With Fila Jackets and Clothes. Established in 1911, Fila used to be one of the most popular sportswear brands around the world. However, it has been overtaken by the likes of Nike and Adidas. However, Fila is on some kind of a comeback these past few years so its no surprise that some celebrities are loving the brand.

The Twilight saga’s Booboo Stewart is wearing a chic Fila Essenza Jacket below.

Of course, as we told you earlier, when it comes to lists of fashionable outfits that celebrities wear Kanye West will always always be included. He didn’t disappoint. Check out his badass looking Fila sports jacket. So badass!

Model/actor Rick Malambri, who starred in the recent movie Step Up 3D, romances his gal while dressed in a Fila jacket. So, sexxy!

Hey look, it’s Emmett Cullen! He badly needs a tan but he still kind of rocks.

Young Jeezy with a Fila Cire Vest.

Of course, Fila isn’t just about jackets. The company makes other clothes too. Here’s P. Diddy and his Fila Borg Polo shirt.

Female celebrities love them their Fila outfits too. Here’s reality star Kristin Cavallari looking oh-so-good in her green slim Fila jacket.

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is looking good in her jacket too.

And here’s one of our favorite tennis stars, Kim Clijsters, raising her U.S. Open trophy in victory. She’s sponsored by Fila, obviously.

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