Tennis Players Underwear: Modus Vivendi Briefs and Boxers?

Tennis Players Underwear: Modus Vivendi Briefs and Boxers? Unlike Formula 1 drivers who need fireproof underwear or BMX racers who need extra padding, tennis players do not need any special kind of underwear in order to swing their racquet or smash tennis balls in the court.

Or do they? Nah, not really, tennis players can wear anything they want. But, like any sports activity, it is best to use non-chafe underwear to protect your skin.

However, when it comes to Wimbledon or any event that requires you to wear white shorts, tennis players must follow the advice we wrote earlier about white pants underwear, that is, to not wear white undies beneath your white pants but to use one that blends with your skin tone.

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MMA Underwear: Your Favorite Fighters’ Favorite Brands

MMA Underwear: Your Favorite MMA Fighters’ Favorite Brands. Do mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters wear underwear under their fight shorts? Is there a special kind of underwear specifically designed for MMA practitioners or will any underwear do? And, finally, what kind of underwear does your favorite MMA fighter wear outside the octagon?

The answer to the above questions according to our friend Michael who is an avid MMA fan: 1) Yes the fighters wear underwear during their fights, 2) compression underwear or these workout underwear is the best, and 3) depends on who your favorite MMA fighter is.

We did a little digging to find out the MMA underwear that your favorite fighter loves and the following list is what we came up with. We’re assuming here that these are their favorite brand because why else would they be wearing them during their weigh-ins.

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Rugby Player Underwear Modeling Photos

Rugby Player Underwear Models for Dim Brand. Three years later, we are updating this post again to bring you these three rugby hunks posing in their Dim boxer briefs.

Dim is a French underwear brand which was established in 1965. It must have been sold to Hanes because wikipedia says Dim is under the Hanesbrand umbrella. Anyhoo, here are three more rugby players looking good in their Dim outfits:

rugby players underwear by dim - Jules Plisson Fulgence Ouedraogo and Yoann Huget2

From left to right, these guys are: Jules Plisson, Fulgence Ouedraogo, and Yoann Huget. They’re all rugby union players who played for the French national team as well as various professional rugby union clubs.

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Reebok Mens Underwear Models: Not Just Performance Briefs

Reebok Mens Underwear Models: Not Just Performance Briefs. Huh, did you know that Reebok makes underwear? We must have been living under a rock for the rest of our lives because when we think of Reebok we think of shoes. Sure, we’ve seen some friends wearing Reebok shirts and jackets. But, for some reason, we just mostly associated the brand with shoes.

So we found it very interesting when we came across this photo of MMA fighter Conor McGregor in a Reebok performance underwear. We’re like, “Oh, it didn’t even occur to us that Reebok makes underwear.”

reebok mens performance underwear models conor mcgregor

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