Tom Boonen Shirtless, Cycling Shorts, Girlfriend

tom boonen bulge in cycling shorts

Tom Boonen Shirtless Photos and Girlfriend Part II. Eleven years later, we are updating this post to note that the Belgian cyclist retired from cycling last 2017. During the span of his pro cycling career, Boonen won the Tour of Qatar four times and recorded 6 stage wins at the Tour de France.

Borna Coric Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, and Sponsorships

borna coric underwear nike

Borna Coric Shirtless Part II. We are updating this post, which we last updated three years ago, to note that our Croatian hunk has, to date, made US$7.5 million in prize money. Wooooaaah! Also, he has two career titles to his name which is pretty cool for a 23 year old guy who is playing at a time when the likes of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic — all candidates for the title of Greatest of All Time — continue to dominate despite their “advanced” years.

MMA Underwear: Your Favorite Fighters’ Favorite Brands

mma underwear - Seth Petruzelli weigh in

MMA Underwear: Your Favorite MMA Fighters’ Favorite Brands. Do mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters wear underwear under their fight shorts? Is there a special kind of underwear specifically designed for MMA practitioners or will any underwear do? And, finally, what kind of underwear does your favorite MMA fighter wear outside the octagon?

Billy Joe Saunders Sunspel: Hot British Boxer is Also an Underwear Model

billy joe saunders world champion boxer traveller romany gypsy

Billy Joe Saunders is a World Boxing Champion. Nearly ten years after we first wrote about Billy Joe, he’s gone on to become a world boxing champion multiple times. First, he won the WBO middleweight title in 2015 and retained it three more times. He then went on to win the WB0 supermiddleweight title in May 2019 and successfully defended his title six months later in November 2019.

BMX Riders Underwear: Raymon van der Biezen

Raymon van der Biezen underwear - cyclist

BMX Riders Underwear: Raymon van der Biezen. Do BMX riders wear a special kind of underwear when they are racing? You know, like Formula One drivers whose underwear use — see F1 Drivers Underwear — is so highly regulated to the point that those who don’t follow the rules are given heavy fines?