Spence Moore II Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Spence Moore II Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Young Actors of Hollywood, we bring you 22-year-old Spence Moore II who is currently starring in the buzzy HBO show We Are Who We Are.

Oh, by the way, note that his name is Spence without and R and not Spencer with an R. We made the mistake thinking that he goes by the latter.

Anyhoo, Spence may be only two years north of twenty but he’s already starred in 18 movies and television shows. These aren’t just blink and you’ll miss him kind of gigs but are, in fact, solid roles.

spence moore hot men in suits

spence moore hot in suit and tie

Aside from We Are Who We Are where he plays one of the main characters, Danny Poythress, Spence’s other prominent acting projects include AP Pio, Five Points, and All-American. Oh, he also appeared in five episodes of the Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why.

Spence Moore Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Here are some shirtless photos of the actor for the thirsty hos among us here on Famewatcher. We grabbed some of these from his Instagram page (which you might want to follow @spencemooreii) and some are screencaps from We Are Who We Are.

spence moore shirtless we are who we are

spence moore body

Who says you can’t workout shirtless?

spence moore body workout

Spence doing his selfie thang that young people do.

spence moore shirtless body selfie

Whoever airbrushed the photo below committed a crime against humanity because they made our Spence’s abs look not natural.

spence moore shirtless abs

Spence Moore Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Unfortunately for the gheys, Spence is straight. Unfortunately for the straight ladies, he’s already got a girlfriend in the person of actress Ashley Nicole Williams. The caveat is that we do not know and cannot confirm if they are still dating.

spence moore girlfriend ashley nicole williams

At any rate, Spence posted the above photo on his Facebook account (@SpenceMooreII) along with this message:

How… Did I get so lucky? I’m still trying to figure it out tbh. I do know this though… from the first day I saw you, I just knew you were the one (shoutout Jorja Smith). The one to make me laugh, the one to keep me focused, the one to be with me through the good AND the bad, and the one to make me happy. You make me happy like little kid opening up presents on Christmas morning happy. Like I just got a lifetime supply of Shake Shack, happy. I love you unconditionally with every bone, every cell, and every nerve in my body. You keep me going mama. Today we celebrate not only your birthday, but the day in which we were destined to be together. Right when you stepped foot on this planet… I was yours and you were mine. We gonna turnup today. Until the end of time… love you.

spence moore wife or girlfriend

Awww. How sweet is that? It’s certainly something similar back when we were young and twenty.

More Spence Moore Gorgeousness. From the Warner media department, here’s a still photo of Spence as Danny Poythress.

spence moore danny in we are who we are

Chillin’ in tank top shirt and sweatpants from his Insta.

spence moore hot in tank top shirt

Photo of Spence enjoying the sights of Venice which we also grabbed from his Insta:

spence moore ii hot actor - we are who we are

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