Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition

Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition. Okay, its summer once again so as we usually do here on Famewatcher, we are going to spend some time blogging about guys from various parts of the world who are rocking their Speedo swimsuits. For this post, it will all be about men doing sporty stuff so we are calling this the athletes’ edition.

So let’s begin, shall we? First up is Vincenzo Dolce who’s looking good in his swimsuit below. Vincenco is an Italian water polo player who represented his country in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as the 2022 World Championships where the Italian national team brought home the silver medal. Want more men in Speedos?

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - vincenzo dolce

Our next guy is also a water polo athlete. His name is Victor Gutierrez Santiago who, like his Italian counterpart above, represented his country in international competitions such as Copa del Rey and Supercopa de España. He came out as gay in 2016. Yay!

speedo boys 2021 - Víctor Gutiérrez Santiago spanish water polo

For our third athlete in Speedo, let us check out Claudio Marchisio who looks like he’s been tanning with his swimsuit in the pic below. Claudio is an Italian footballer who played for Juventus for most of his playing career. He retired in 2019. You can check him out in the Netflix documentary First Team: Juventus.

speedo boys 2021 - Claudio Marchisio - former italian footballer

From Europe, let’s go to South America with Brazilian football star Renan Alves. When it comes to wearing Speedos, Brazilians sure are giving them Europeans a run for their money. The 29-year-old defender currently plays for Indonesian club Barito Putera.

speedo boys 2021 - renan alves brazilian footballer

Edoardi Di Somma is a water polo athlete who, along with other members of the Italian national team, won a gold medal at the 2019 Swimming World Championships.

speedo guys 2021 - Edoardo Di Somma - italian water polo

Ersid Pllumbaj is an Albanian footballer who retired early this year. He most recently played for AC Legnano.

speedo guys 2021 - Ersid Pllumbaj - albanian football player2

Jean Lucas is a defensive midfielder for AS Monaco. He is from Brazil and was a member Brazilian national football team (under 23).

speedo guys 2021 - jean lucas brazilian football player

Phelipe Rodrigues is a Brazilian Paralympic swimmer who’s brought home a lot of medals from various international competitions. For instance, he has three gold medals from the World Para Swimming Championships and five silvers from the Paralympic Games.

speedo guys 2021 - Phelipe Rodrigues - brazilian paralympic swimmer

Renato Prono is a Paraguayan swimmer who competed for his country at the 2017 World Aquatic Championships.

speedo guys 2021 - renato prono

Caeleb Dressel, the lone American in our list is a swimmer, is a seven-time Olympic Gold medalist. He also boasts of a total of 20 gold medals from the World Aquatics Championships.

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Caeleb Dressel american swimmer

Florent Manaudou is a French swimmer whose medal tally include one Olympic gold and seven golds from the World Championships. Wow!

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Florent Manaudou

Francesco Di Fulvio is an Italian water polo player who won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics as a member of the national team.

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Francesco Di Fulvio italian water polo

Giorgio Ambrosini is an Italian water polo athlete.

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Giorgio Ambrosini italian water polo

Nicolo Martinenghi is an Italian swimmer who won a bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics.

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - Nicolò Martineghi

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