Speedo Guys in the Shower: Rugby Buddies David Williams and Brett Stewart

Speedo Guys in the Shower: David Williams and Brett Stewart. What happens when two Speedo guys share a shower? Well, we won’t be surprised if they end up giving each other a back massage. And we are not joking about this too. In fact, it does happen in real life. Hehe.

Check out these photos of Aussie rugby players David Williams and Brett Stewart. Not only don’t they look good in their Speedo swimsuits. They also look good being comfy with each other too.

speedo guys in the shower

Bravo, Brett and David. Bravo to both of you.

david williams brett stewart speedo guys in the shower massage

Are we gonna call this Brokeback Speedo? Or maybe Brokeback Rugby?

speedo guys in the shower share massage david williams brett stewart

So fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of our Speedo guys in the shower sharing some back rubs? Pretty cool, huh? That’s how you help out a pal. Hehe.

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Male Runway Swimwear Models: Bottega Veneta Swimsuit Collection
22 October 2010

skimpy mens swimwear. designer swimtrunks by bottega veneta. italian swimsuit for men

Okay, this post is for our friend Kevin who’s like, “When are you gonna post photos of male runway models wearing nothing but their skimpy swimwear?” Here you go, Kevin. And it ain’t just some so-so swimwear we brought you. It’s from the freakin’ Bottega Veneta Spring Menswear Collection. Now, stop bugging us, will ya?

italian mens swimtrunks. bottega veneta menswear fashion

Okay, this is technically not a swimwear but who says you can’t go swimming in your short shorts?

bottega veneta mens shorts. italian luxury designer short pants

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Speedo Guys in Shower: David Williams and Brett Stewart. PostedĀ 30 August 2010. Updated 29 May 2017.