Slim Fit Suit for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Guide Edition

Slim Fit Suit for Men Update. Some of the best slim fit suits we witnessed this year courtesy of your favorite actors during their red carpet appearances. Do you have a favorite look among these guys? We are partial to Paul Rudd’s Canali suit because it is classy, current, and timeless.

slim fit suit for men - paul rudd canali suit

James McAvoy rocking it in his Prada outfit.

slim fit suit for men 2019 - james mcavoy in prada

Mahershala Ali celebrates his Oscar win in his Ermegegildo Zegna suit.

slim fit suit for men - Mahershala Ali in Ermenegildo Zegna

Ever a sharp dresser, Trevor Noah is lookin’ shaggable in is Salvatore Ferragamo.

slim fit suit for men - trevor noah salvatorre ferragamo - oscar awards vanity fair

Nicholas Hoult in Dior and Joe Alwyn in Tom Ford.

slim fit suit for men - nicholas hoult in dior and joe alwyn in tom ford

Celebrity Slim Fit Suits: Star Trek Hunks (23 December 2010). Looking for male celebrities wearing men’s slim suits? Check out your favorite Star Trek hunks and their fabulous suits taken several months ago when they were promoting their movie in Sydney, Australia.

slim fit suit for men celebrity style

These guys should have gone for the suit no tie look, no?

slim fit suit for men star trek actors

Who of these guys is your favorite (whether as an actor or as a Star Trek character)? Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto?

For more men’s suits, check out this Italian men’s suit, these Calvin Klein suits for Spring 2011, and Brad Pitt’s Tom Ford suit.

Let’s Have More Celebrity Slim Fit Suits (21 December 2011). Slim suits are cool as they showcase your “in-shape” physique but, like other outfits, they can be ill-fitting if you buy one that’s too small for your body or if you outgrow one and yet you continue to wear it. Exhibit Number One: Joe Jonas and his ill-fitting Calvin Klein Spring 2011 Navy Cotton Sport Suit.

You ain’t a tween anymore, Joe. Pick a suit that doesn’t make you look like you’re about to burst. You should follow Chris Pine’s example and pick the right size.

To be fair, its very likely that a stylist actually picked this DKNY Essential Suit for our Star Trek star to wear. After all, he’s posing for a GQ Magazine photoshoot isn’t he? Still, we gotta give Chris some props for rocking the slim-fit look. We’d like to think he will also look awesome if he wears the Ralph Lauren Anthony Wool Gabardine Suit below.

Slim Fit Suit for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Edition. First posted 23 December 2010. Last updated: November 30, 2019 at 8:42 am.