Skinny Jeans Still In Fashion? Or Are They Out of Style

Skinny Jeans Still In Fashion? Or Are They Out of Style? Are skinny jeans for men in or out? Are they still fashionable now and in the coming years or have they gone out of style? What do we Famewatchers think? Deena’s says skinny jeans are still “in”, Kevin agrees, Pim agrees, and the newest member of the group Toby also agrees. Well that’s a unanimous consensus which is a rare thing in a group of four opinionated people.

Although Pim wishes that skinny jeans, because of its bad health effects, will go the way of the dodo, it looks like her wish won’t be fulfilled because the style – beloved by young celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Zac Efron – has become mainstream.

You only have to look at what fashion houses have been designing for their menswear collections these past  seasons and the coming Summer/Spring to know that skinny jeans and skinny trousers are still fashionable. Check out this pair of jeans from Dsquared’s Fall/Winter Menswear collection.

Love it. And here’s another one from Dsquared.

It’s not surprising really that skinny jeans have been mainstreamed and that they will be a part of men’s fashion choices in the years to come. If the likes of action superstar Daniel Craig [see Daniel Craig in Tight Jeans] and the quirky Billy Bob Thornton — see Skinny Jeans for Mature Men — like to wear skinny jeans, you would bet to high heavens that there’s a market for it.

From the Ralph Lauren Denim Collection for Spring/Summer.

skinny jeans still in ralph lauren

From another menswear label (sorry, we missed the name) for Spring/Summer.

skinny jeans in or out

And here’s from Dolce Gabbana’s Fall/Winter menswear collection.

Skinny Jeans Still In fashion

It is worth noting that denim jeans aren’t the only ones that have gone skinny. Even some suit pants are in on the style these days. Here’s one from Givenchy’s Spring/Summer offering.

skinny jeans still in fashion

Burberry has the skinniest of suit pants we’ve seen so far. This one’s from the label’s Fall/Winter collection.

mens skinny jeans still in

Although Paul Smith is not that far behind. From the label’s Spring/Summer menswear collection.

skinny jeans still in

Wait, Moschino’s loving some skinny trousers too, this one’s from its Fall/Winter collection.

skinny jeans still in or out of style moschino

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers.

Skinny Jeans Still In Fashion? Or Are They Out of Style: Mens Fashion Watch. Posted 19 August 2012. Updated 21 May 2017.