Skin Tight Leather Pants for Men: Austin Peck, American Actor

Skin Tight Leather Pants for Men: Austin Peck, American Actor. Want more famous men in leather pants? Well, here’s American actor Austin Peck looking good in his skin tight leather pants. Austin (birth name: Jeffrey Austin Peck; height: 6′ 2″ or 1.88 m) is a television actor best known for his role as Austin Reed in Days of Our Lives.

skin tight leather pants - actor austin peck

Among the cast members of the TV soap, Austin reportedly has the most number of fan mails. Maybe that’s the reason why the producers are bringing him back this year after his last appearance in 2006.

Hey, here’s an awesome “hot man in a tub” pic of Austin which we should have included in our post on best celebrity bath tub photos.

austin peck bathtub

But wait, there’s more photos of Austin rocking his skin tight leather pants. Check out these shirtless photos of our gorgeous actor in leather trousers. Our hubby is jealous of Mr. Peck’s sculpted washboard abs. Want more stylish leather pants? Go check out our post on Black Leather Pants by Blaak

sexy austin peck leather pants

Who says you cannot kick ass when you’re wearing tight leather trousers? Not Austin who makes a good Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan “flying while kicking” move below. Hmm, Austin Peck kinda resembles Tom Cruise doesn’t he?

skin tight leather pants for men - actor austin peck

We guess he’s shouting, “I’m the King of the World!” Well, if he is the king, may we apply to be his Queen?

By the way, it might interest you to know that our Austin was a coverboy for Playgirl Magazine (self proclaimed “Entertainment for Women”) back in 1996. Here’s a picture of a young and shirtless and smoldering Austin Peck.

austin peck playgirl cover

A story about him, entitled Austin Peck: From Days of Our Lives to the Night of Our Dreams was published in the magazine alongside articles on how to Get Your Scorpio Rising or How to Keep His Love Pump Primed. Hehe. Good times! Now, let’s end this post with a gorgeous and shirtless Austin Peck from his Playgirl photoshoot. He truly is a gorgeous guy, isn’t he?

austin peck playgirl model

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