Simon Sears Shirtless, Gay IRL, and Girlfriend

Simon Sears Shirtless, Gay IRL, and Girlfriend. Aside from the beefy and rosy-cheeked Calahan Skogman, another actor we “discovered” thanks to the Netflix fantasy series Shadow and Bone is Danish actor Simon Sears.

On the show, he plays Ivan, a Grisha heartrender who, to quote the, has the ability to “manipulate the body on a molecular level, usually with harmful affects”. Ivan’s partnership with another heartrender, Fedyor, is one of the really cool moments of the show especially the part where the latter was trying to feed hors d’oeuvres to the former during a party.

julian kostov simon sears gay husbands in shadow and bone

It was during this scene when we realized that the two are not just partners in the battlefield but are actually partners at home too. They’re actually a very good pair and Ivan’s and Fedyor’s chemistry is off the charts with Ivan being the taciturn serious one and Fedyor the fun-loving smiley one.

simon sears julian kostov gay couple - shadow and bone

Some behind the scenes photos of Simon Sears and his onscreen partner, Julian Kostov.

simon sears gay as ivan in shadow and bone

simon sears julian kostov gay couple

simon sears gay with julian kostov

So is Simon gay in real life? Apparently not. He is straight and, according to the Danish website, he is in a relationship with girlfriend Ingibjörg and that the couple have two children together. Here’s a photo of Simon and Ingibjorg which we grabbed from said site.

simon sears wife or girlfriend Ingibjörg Skúladóttir

Shadow and Bone is Simon’s first Hollywood/international production but he’s been acting in Denmark since 2009. To date, he’s got 9 acting credits to his name on IMDB and this includes the movie Winter Brothers where he, apparently, fights nekkid with his brother.

simon sears shirtless in winter brothers

He also stars in the 2021 film Shorta (Enforcement) which won him the Golden Spike Award for best actor award at the Social World Film Festival. The film has a pretty good 76% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes which makes us want to check it out but we don’t know whether it is streaming somewhere.

Anyhoo, here are more photos of our Danish hunk:

simon sears gay or straight

simon sears hot danish hunk

Ivan in all his Grisha glory!

simon sears ivan the heartrender in shadow and bone

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