Showproject Gymnast Hunks on America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2015

Showproject Gymnast Hunks on America’s Got Talent (AGT). Are you watching America’s Got Talent? We watched it when it was starting years ago, stopped when it got predictable and boring, and then decided to give it another go when Howard Stern joined the judging panel.

The latest edition, Season 10, started airing last May 26 and one of the more promising acts is this group of German and Czech gymnasts called the Showproject.


Check out a video of their audition:

What do you think of the audition? Are you wowed. We must admit that we are wowed but we are not WOWED in all caps and bold letters. Haha.

showproject shirtless gymnast hunks on americas got talent

Anyway, we had an AGT viewing party here at Famewatcher and these were the comments uttered (by yours truly, Deena, Kevin, and Malin) while watching these muscled hunks do their thing:

  • They’re cute. But who’s the cutest of the four? The Czechs are cuter than their German teammates, no?
  • Wow! What well-sculpted bodies! They must spend hours and hours at the gym working out.
  • If there is an award in the Olympics for having the “best bods”, gymnasts will win hands down. No contest! Maybe the swimmers will give them some competition but gymnasts will still end victorious. Baseball players will win the “worst in shape” award. [Update: Kevin informs everyone that baseball is no longer an Olympic sport.]
  • Are they seriously going to perform in their tight jeans? Are those denim jeans or do they simply look like one? There’s no way they’ll move freely wearing jeans which tend to restrict movement.
  • I love, love, love their bodyfit shirts.
  • They should come up with a more exciting, more intriguing name than Showproject.
  • Good they lost their shirt. Those jeans should come off next.
  • They’re just bouncing. My niece can do that. Oh wait, their moves are getting harder and more interesting. We love the precision and the synchronicity. Reminds me of those Chinese synchronized divers.
  • Howie reacts like an excited child.
  • Okay, one of those guys is not as synchronized as the others.
  • Look, they are doing push-ups on parallel bars. Amazing! This is my favorite part of their act.

showproject - gymnast hunks on americas got talent

  • Pretty cool. Would like to see more of them. Hope the judges let them through to the next round.
  • Eh, four standing ovations. They’re good but not ovation worthy. They should have removed their pants.
  • Maybe they will do it in the next round.
  • Is Mel B giving them the “eye”?
  • The end. I’m glad they are going through.
  • They should perform in their underwear next time, so we will see whether gymnasts truly wear these male gymnast underwear

So that’s it for now. Do any of you know the names of these guys? If so, please tell us in the comments. Anyhoo, we’re glad these guys entered the second round of the competition. It would be interesting to see what they will do next. Will they WOW us in ALL-CAPS and bold letters?