Shirtless New York Knicks Players

Shirtless New York Knicks Players. From Houston (see shirtless Houston Rockers), let’s move to New York to check out these 11 athletes playing for the New York Knicks. We tried to include everyone in the Knicks roster but not all of them are game when it comes to going shirtless so we are missing some names. We hope to include them in the future though.

For the time being, here’s your shirtless Knicks cagers. Let’s begin with team captain and center/power forward Amar’e Stoudemire who recently supported PETA’s anti-fur, Ink not Mink Campaign.


Next up is shooting guard/small forward Chris Douglas-Roberts. Does he have the most tattoos in the NBA?

Chris Douglas-Roberts shirtless - ny knicks player

For those wondering what his tattoos are about. Here’s wikipedia to the rescue:

Douglas-Roberts has multiple tattoos on his neck and arms. One on the side of his neck is of his mother, one on the back of his neck has his initials (CDR), and one on his arm has verses 1–3 of Psalm 37 from the Bible. He taps the arm tattoo three times before shooting a free throw.

Our third shirtless Knicks is Iman Shumpert, the shooting guard/small forward from Oak Park, Illinois who sports one of the most badass hairstyles in the NBA these days. Too bad he ain’t wearing his hairstyle in the shirtless pic below.

iman shumpert shirtless underwear photos - ny knicks

Hmmm, looks like its actually J.R. Smith (not Chris Douglas-Roberts) who is the most tattooed NBA cager.

jr smith shirtless - showing tattoos

One of our favorite basketball players ever, Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest), enjoyed a shirtless chat with Jimmy Kimmel on the latter’s show. It would be more fun if he also chucked off his shorts and did the interview in his underwear. Haha.


Is Cole Aldrich (seen with friends in pic below) the Chandler Parsons of the New York Knicks? By this we mean a player we initially didn’t care about but who eventually became our imaginary boyfriend. Hehe. (Photo credit: We grabbed the photo below from Cole’s Twitter account which you can follow at @cole45.)

shirtless aldrich cole - twitter atcolea45 - with friends

At 7 feet (2.13 m) power forward/center Andrea Bargnani is the second tallest Knicks player after Tyson Chandler who stands at 7’1″. Do you think this duo can bring the team all the way to the finals?

shirtless Andrea Bargnani - ny knicks

Tyson Chandler goes shirtless in the locker room.


He may be a ball-hogger but no one can deny that there won’t be a championship-caliber Knicks team without Carmelo Anthony.

shirtless ny knicks players - carmelo anthony

Looks like shooting guard Toure’ Murry is trying to give Iman a run for his “I have the best hairstyle” money. (Photo source: Toure’s Twitter @attoure_murry)

toure murry shirtless - twitter attoure_murry

Last but not the least in our list of shirtless NY Knicks is power forward Kenyon Martin.

shirtless knicks players - kenyon martin

No shirtless pics for Ike Diogu, Raymond Felton, Tim Hardaway Jr., CJ Leslie, Chris Smith, Jeremy Tyler, Beno Udrih, Josh Powell, and Pablo Prigioni. But we hope to add them in the future.

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