Shirtless Military Cadets: Annapolis Naval Academy

Shirtless Military Cadets: Annapolis Naval Academy. Let’s have more hot men in uniform but, this time, they’re not actually wearing their uniform but are in a state of what our friend Deena calls “shirtless hotness”. Famewatchers, meet these cadets from the Annapolis Naval Academy in all their shirtless glory.

hot shirtless military cadets

What exactly are these guys doing? We’re told that they it’s an Annapolis tradition that’s sort of a rite of passage for the naval academy’s freshman class.

shirtless military cadets annapolis

From the Chicago Tribune: “Each year the freshman class, known as ‘Plebes,’ climb the monument at the Naval Academy to retrieve the Plebian Sailor’s hat and replace it with an officer’s hat.”

Shirtless plebes work together to climb the Herndon Monument. The structure itself is not that tall (it’s 21 feet according to but what make’s it really hard to climb is the lard added to the monument precisely to make it hard to climb.

hot navy cadets

What kind of underwear does Annapolis cadets wear? If you look closely at the dude’s peekabo underwear below, he’s wearing Under Armours. MMA champion Georges St. Pierre will approve. Why, you ask? Go read our post on Georges St. Pierre Models Under Armour Underwear.

Shirtless Military Cadets Underwear

Does the guy on the center remind you of Ashton Kutcher? Maybe he’ll follow the examples of some of the military-guys-turned-Hollywood-celebs we’ve been blogging about earlier? See Celebrities in the Military.

Shirtless Military Cadets muscle hunks

You want more shirtless military cadets, don’t you? Of course we all do, don’t we?

Shirtless Military Cadets

The smooth vs hairy debate also rages in military academies. Both these guys are rocking their preferred look. Here’s Mr. Smooth Cadet.

Shirtless Military Cadets Annapolis

And here’s Mr. Hairy Cadet.

Shirtless Military Cadets Annapolis Academy

Anyhoo, we must say that this post is actually prompted by this Gangnam Style of some Annapolis cadets which is soooo SFD. SFD what? SFD is an acronym “invented” by our friend Kevin and it stands for Sexy, Funny and Delicious.

So do you agree with Kevin that the video is SFD? We agree that its sexy and funny but we can’t find the part that is delicious. Maybe you can tell us?

Shirtless Military Cadets: Annapolis Naval Academy. Posted 19 September 2012.