Shirtless Men in Kilt: Male Celebrities and Models

Shirtless Men in Kilt: Male Celebrities and Models. It’s still kilt week here on Famewatcher and after blogging about Jamie Fraser’s Kilt Outfits and some celebrities wearing kilt, let us check out these male models and celebrities who went shirtless in all their kilt glory. Let’s start with one of our favorite rugby players, Stuart Reardon.

shirtless in kilt rugby player stuart reardon2

For those of you not familiar with him yet, Stuart is an English rugby league player who has successfully transitioned to modeling. We love him so much, and we know that lots of you do too, so here’s another photo of our English hunk rocking his kilt.

shirtless men in kilt - stuart reardon rugby player

Kit Harington of Game of Thrones fame looks like a professional male model walking a rain-soaked runway in this still photo from the 2014 movie Pompeii.

shirtless in kilt - kit harington

Aside from our Stuart, another rugby player who looks really really good shirtless in kilt is Scottish rugby union player Chris Cusiter who chucked off his shirt during the 2006 Johnnie Walter Dressed to Kilt show.

shirtless in kilt - Chris Cusiter rugby player Johnnie Walker Dressed to Kilt 2006

We’ve seen him wear kilts during movie premieres but we must admit that we are not a 100% sure whether the photo below of our favorite British actor David Tennant is real or photoshopped. Either way, he is rocking it. By the way, if you have Netflix go watch David in Jessica Jones, Criminal (UK), and Broadchurch.

shirtless in kilt - david tennant

Who says you can’t do a ring routine in gymnastics while wearing your kilt? Certainly not male supermodel Oliver Stummvoll.

shirtless boys in kilt - TOPMODEL Oliver Stummvoll

Speaking of models, check out reality TV royalty (and now talk show host) Sharon Osbourne and her kilt-wearing very much in-shape guy pals at a red carpet event.

shirtless men in kilt - red carpet with sharon osbourne

Yoga master Finlay Wilson proves that you can do yoga in your kilt. Photo is from the Scotland Week 2019 celebration in New York City where Finlay held yoga lessons.

shirtless in kilt - finlay wilson yoga master - scotland week 2019 at herald square

Kilt-wearing athletes at the 2012 Highland Games.

shirtless in kilt - athletes at the highland games

Again, we’re not 100% sure but these guys may be from a Highland Games event too.

shirtless men in kilt - real men

Our random imaginary boyfriend.

shirtless men in kilt - model outside nature

We started this post with a rugby player so it is apropos that we close it with another rugby hunk. This time, check out Kiwi rugby player Dan Carter who, like Stuart above, has made a name for himself not only in the world of sports but also in the world of modeling.

shirtless in kilt - dan carter kiwi rugby player

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