Shirtless Men in Jeans With Washboard Abs

Shirtless Men in Jeans With Washboard Abs. Now here’s a picture that really speaks a thousand words about how hot men look when all they’re wearing is a pair of jeans. It looks like they’ve been working out to get them washboard abs too. Awesome, guys.

shirtless men in jeans with washboard abs

Want more guys wearing nothing but jeans? Of course you do. So check out our imaginary beau Steve Sandvoss. Steve is an American male model and actor who starred in movies such as Latter Days, Rumor Has It, and Buried Alive. Want more celebrity washboard abs?

shirtless men in jeans with washboard abs - steve

Of course, American models ain’t the only ones who like to go the shirtless in jeans look. Check out this Thai male model poses with an open shirt for Levis. [Note: Our friend Kevin insists that the model is not technically shirtless because he clearly is wearing one. However, we are talking here about guys with sculpted abs and we’re seeing abs so he is kinda shirtless. Hehe.]

shirtless men with washboard abs thai model

How many pull-ups can you do, cute boy?

shirtless men with washboard abs model

Our next guy below has the best sculpted abs, no?

shirtless men with washboard abs hot model

More Shirtless Men in Jeans With Washboard Abs (21 August 2009). Guys in jeans with washboard abs are the hottest thing on earth, right? Right! So because we got tired of blogging about the brand of jeans that celebrities wear (Ben Affleck in Seven jeans, Alex Rodriguez in William Rast, Adam Gregory in Hudson jeans, etc. etc.) we decided to blog about hot men with wash abs wearing jeans.

First, here’s our imaginary TV-boyfriend George Eads looking gorgeous with a capital G. Is he waiting for us to pull down them bootcut jeans? Maybe in our dreams, huh?

shirtless men in jeans - george eads

George starred in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2000 to 2015. Currently, he stars as Jack Dalton in the modern or rebooted version of MacGyver. The show airs on CBS.

But let us go back looking at gorgeous men in jeans. Here’s model and actor Joshua Stevenson who sports a well sculpted six-pack.

shirtless men in jeans - joshua stevenson

A shirtless cowboy in jeans is always welcome in this parts.

shirtless cowboys in jeans

Of course, a happy boy like Canadian model Andrew Stetson below is as welcome as the rest of them.

shirtless men in jeans andrew stetson

Want more hot guys with abs? Or would you rather check out these mens button jeans?

Shirtless Men in Jeans With Washboard Abs posted 21 August 2009. Updated 29 March 2017.