Shirtless Hockey Players: NHL Stars as Male Models

Shirtless Hockey Players. Okay, Famewatchers, this post if for those of you who complained that we’ve been blogging about hockey hunks but still haven’t done a post on shirtless hockey players. So here goes our initial list of hockey hunks with their shirts off:

Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. This Canadian dude deserves a lot of props for living up to the hype surrounding him. Good for you, kiddo. Now, go and win more Stanley Cups. Want more hot hockey players?

shirtless hockey players - sidney crosby

Alex Ovechkin, left winger, Washinton Capitals. Alex, who looks like he needs some help with them pants, is no stranger to our regular leaders because you’ve already seen him getting lap-comfy with a dude.

shirtless hockey players alex ovechkin

Mike Modano, alternate captain, Dallas Stars. Does Mike remind you of Owen Wilson? He kinda resembles Owen, no? Anyhoo, we gotta give Mike a lot of props for his longevity. Good for you, daddy.

shirtless hockey players mike modano

Jiri Tlusty, Toronto Maple Leafs/Toronto Marlies. Huh. You thought we were going to do a post on shirtless hockey players without including Jiri Tlusty and his “self-portrait”? Of course not! Unfortunately for some of you, we will not include his other “self-portrait” because we don’t want his lawyers to be running after us.

jiri tlusty shirtless

Alexei Kovalev is a retired NHL star originally from Russia. At 43 years old, he is the daddy in our list of shirtless hockey players. According to his wiki page, this Russian hunk daddy is now a sports director of a hockey team in Switzerland.

shirtless hockey players - alex kovalev

Mantas Armalis also made a name for himself in the modeling world before he signed up with the NHL. This Lithuanian goaltender currently plays for the San Jose Sharks.

mantas armalis underwear - bjorn borg2

Vincent LeCavalier. Vincent turned pro in 1998 when he was picked by the Tampa Bay Lightning as the 1st overall draft. He retired from hockey last year playing for the Los Angeles Kings.

shirtless hockey players vincent lecavalier

Nicklas Lidstrom. Let us end this post on shirtless hockey players with Swedish retired pro Nicklas Lidstrom. He retired in 2012 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest defenseman in NHL history.

shirtless hockey players nicklas lidstrom

So who of the above eight hot professional hockey stars is your favorite? We here at Famewatcher have some daddy issues so our pick is Alexei Kovalev. Hehe.

Shirtless Hockey Players: Eight Topless NHL Stars posted 23 October 2009. Last updated: December 17, 2022 at 4:53 am.