Shirtless Formula One Drivers: Sexy F1 Racers

Shirtless Formula One Drivers. Time for another post on shirtless athletes. This time, we are focusing on shirtless F1 drivers from the hunky Mark Webber to the equally hunky Giancarlo Fisichella. But let’s begin our list with Lucas di Grassi who’s posing like a professional male model in the pic below.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - Lucas di Grassi3ab

Want more F1 hunks? Go check out these highest paid Formula 1 Drivers. But let’s continue our list with Bruno Senna and his come-hither smile. Well Bruno, if you tell us where you are we would go-thither as soon as we can. Are we sounding stalkerish? Haha.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - bruno senna2

Christian Klein. When you are a racecar driver, your exercise regimen includes running shirtless on the beach. This pic of Christian reminds us of Matthew McConaughey and his endless shirtless runs.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - christian klein2

Giancarlo Fisichella. Ahh Giancarlo! You sure are the man of our dreams. We’d like to bring you home to mama. While riding your F1 car, of course.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - Giancarlo Fisichella22

Heikki Kovalainen. Who says you can’t go shirtless outdoors during snowy winters? Not us who love us our shirtless hunks. And certainly not Heikki Kovalainen. Maybe its also part of his physical conditioning for Formula 1 races?

shirtless formula 1 drivers - heikki kovalainen23

Jacques Villeneuve. Jacques is our 1990s/early 2Ks crush. We were not interested in Formula 1 back then but the sexiness of this French Canadian hunk drew us to the sport. To be honest though, we’re less interested to see Formula 1 drivers race and are more interested in seeing them go shirtless. Hehe.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - jacques villenueve2

Jaime Alguersuari. Jamie and Christian Klein should form a shirtless running duo. Does Jamie have a chin dimple? Looks good on him.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - Jaime Alguersuari2

Mark Webber. Is he the sexiest Formula 1 driver? We still have lots of shirtless photos of Mark Webber which we plan to upload in a separate post devoted to him. Watch out for that! Meantime, check out his sexy hairiness. So manly!

shirtless formula 1 drivers - Mark Webber3

Michael Schumacher. Michael at home in his swimming pool. We are hoping with the rest of the world that he fully recovers from his ski accident.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - Michael Schumacher

Vitantonio Liuzzi looks like he is enjoying his beach vacation. Our stalkerish friend Deena would like to join him.

shirtless formula 1 drivers - vitantonio liuzzi2

That’s it for now fellow Formula1Watchers. Who of these guys is your favorite and who among them is rocking the “shirtless look” the best?

Shirtless Formula One Drivers: Sexy F1 Racers. Posted 17 November 2014. Last updated: February 5, 2020 at 5:55 am.