Shirtless British Presenters: 9 Hot Hunks on the Telly

Shirtless British TV Presenters (Men): Two years ago, The Student Room did a poll on the hottest male Channel 4 TV presenter (current and previous). Who topped the poll? Well, not a lot of people participated (only 31) but we’re not surprised to find out that the hunky Steve Jones “won” with nearly half (45%) of the votes. Anyhoo, here are your hottest male TV presenters and their share of the “vote”:

Steve Jones (45%): Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Steve currently hosts the reality TV series Hair and co-hosts the Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose. Prior to that he did presenting jobs for X-Factor USA, T4, Guinness World Records, and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.

shirtless british tv presenters - steve jones

Dermot O’Leary (16%): We already blogged about this hottie so you should go check out our earlier post on him: Shirtless Dermot O’Leary in Underwear.

Rick Edwards (13%): Handsome Rick currently presents Free Speech on BBC 3. Prior to that, he also presented Tool Academy, Freshly Squeezed, E4 Music, That Paralympic Show and much of Channel 4’s 2012 Paralympics coverage according to wikipedia. Check out Rick posing for Cosmo Magazine’s Everyman Campaign.

shirtless british tv presenters rick edwards naked body

Simon Amstell (10%): Aside from being a TV presenter, Simon is also a comedian, writer, and actor. Check him out in a bed scene with Oliver Coopersmith for the sitcom Grandma’s House.

Shirtless Simon Amstell and Shirtless Oliver Coppersmith

Alex Zane (10%): We can’t find a shirtless photo of Alex Zane but we goes shirtless in this funny video spoofing David Hasselhoff’s famous drunken meltdown. Enjoy!

Anthony Crank (6%): Ahh, Anthony, you cutie you. When are you gonna give us some shirtless pics? Your fans are waiting. Meantime, fellow Famewatchers, you gotta content yourself with this autographed pic of Anthony.

anthony crank sexy british presenter

Nick Grimshaw (0%): Of all the presenters in this list, we’re most jealous of Nick? Why? Because he gets to kiss One Direction’s Harry Styles and he gets to play “lemme touch your nips and grab your crouch” with imaginary Famewatcher boyfriend Olly Murs.

nick grimshaw shirtless - with olly murs

Ben Shephard (0%): Why did no one vote for Ben Shephard in the poll? The Good Morning Britain host looks hot without his shirt, no?

ben shephard underwear calvin klein - shirtless british presenters

Vernon Kay (0%): Props to Vernon Kay for participating in the London Triathlon. Next time, we’d like to see him swimming in a pair of skimpy Speedo swimtrunks. Hehehe.

vernon kay shirtless - london triathlon

Dave Berry (0%): Is Dave Berry too put together to be not gay? Actually the The Hot Desk presenter is straight and has dated Sugababes singer Heidi Range. We can’t find any shirtless pic of this gorgeous dude but he did some modeling so some photos of him shirtless and in his underwear are out there somewhere. If you find one, do send a copy to us. Hehe.

dave berry is he gay

That’s it for now, folks! Who of these shirtless British TV presenters is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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