Shirtless Bartenders: Real Life and Celebrity Bartenders

Shirtless Bartenders. So, this post is for those of you who love some hot bartenders of the male variety. More specifically, it is for those who are looking for shirtless bartenders — whether they are real-life barkeeps or are only acting as one in a movie or TV project.

So let’s begin our list of shirtless bartenders with this guy. Nice. Too bad we do not know his name. Hot damn! That’s a body we’d love on our man. Hehe. Is he a real-deal bartender or is he a model/actor? If you happen to know, do tell in the comments.

sexy shirtless bartender

Now, since we are talking about hot bartenders, let’s check out some celebrities acting as hot bartenders. Like Tom Cruise in his 1988 movie, Cocktail. Don’t you just miss the 1980s version of Tom Cruise rather than, you know, the couch-jumping version?

hot bartenders in movies

Ted Danson rocks the bar in the TV sitcom, Cheers. Let’s drink to that, Ted!

hot bartenders ted danson in cheers

And, from a recent movie, here’s the handsome Cam Gigandet as a bartender in the Cher-Christina Aguilera movie, Burlesque.

hot bartenders - cam gigandet burlesque bartender

Oh, you want more shirtless bartenders, do you? Okay, here you go!

shirtless sexy male bartenders

Now, shirtless bartenders may be nice to look at but do you actually want them to serve your drinks? The answer should be obvious for us Famewatchers (Yes we do!). However, there was a recent controversy about shirtless bartenders in Maine which revolved around whether it is hygienic to have a shirtless dude walking around serving food and drinks.

sexy hunky bartenders

In fact some people claimed during the Maine debates that shirtless bartending is some kind of a health hazard because… Well, we don’t really know their argument on why it is a health hazard and we don’t really care to find out. We just know that there is no health hazard in looking at shirtless buffed guys walking around. Right? Haha. [Update: Sadly for some “Mainelanders”, i.e., those living in the town of Ogunquit, their town officials banned shirtless bartending. Or something like that happened.]

shirtless bartenders hunk

Now, here’s something for those of you looking for sexy bartender costumes.

sexy male bartender costume

But let’s go back to checking out these hunky shirtless bartenders. Who’d you pick between Aurelian and Yuval?

eralian hot bartender

Seems like they’re both good looking and both talented. However, we pick Aurelian because, after all, we are all about shirtless bartenders. Hehe. You should have chucked off your tank top, Yuval.

sexy bartenders yuval

In conclusion, who of these shirtless bartenders is your favorite. Likewise, who is your favorite celebrity bartender? Tell us in the comments.

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