Shirtless Badminton Players: Ten Hunks of Shuttlecock – Olympic & World Champions

Shirtless Badminton Players. From shirtless baseball players to shirtless BMX Riders, let’s move on to the Kings of the Badminton Court. Our friend Kevin we should call them the Hunks of Shuttlecock so we are also calling them that. Hehe. So let’s start this post with the hunkiest badminton player of them all: Lin Dan of China.

lin dan underwear model - calvin klein

We see England. We see France. We see Lin Dan’s underpants… its waistband anyway, which tells us that our two-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion likes to wear Calvin Klein underwear. Does he have an endorsement deal with the clothing label? We hope he does, because who doesn’t like to see more of this fiery (sometimes ill-tempered) Chinese hunk.

shirtless badminton players - lin dan china

Next in our list of shirtless badminton players is another Chinese athlete, Cai Yun. Cai Yun, with partner Fu Haifeng, are the reigning Olympics men’s doubles champions. They also teamed up to win three world championships. Cai has a fourth world championship with a different partner.

Cai Yun shirtless badminton hunk

A shirtless photo of Cai Yun in action.

Cai Yun shirtless badminton players

Our third Chinese badminton hottie, Chen Long, may not have as many Olympic or world championship medals as his countrymen but, at 24 years old, he’s younger than Cai (33) and Lin (30) and will win more medals in the future. Among others, he currently has a bronze medal from the London 2012 Olympics.

CHEN LONG shirtless badminton players

From China, let’s move to Indonesia where we find Taufik Hidayat. He’s one of Indonesia’s most successful badminton players having brought home the 2004 Olympic gold from Athens, Greece and a 2005 World Championships gold medal from Anaheim, California. Taufik is now retired from the game. He’s married and has one daughter.

taufik hidayat shirtless - indo badminton champ

Who’s the next guy with a bloody cross painted on his upper body? That man, fellow Famewatcher, is Nathan Robertson of Great Britain. He’s done great in mixed doubles and, with partner Gail Emms, they won the silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as well as the gold medal in the 2006 Madrid World Championships.

Nathan Robertson shirtless badminton player - uk

Our next shirtless badminton hottie is Pakistan’s Kashif Sulehri, the top doubles player of Pakistan (with partner Rizwan Azam). The two apparently wanted to participate in the London 2012 Olympics but their country’s badminton federation is banned by the World Badminton Federation so it was no go for Kashif and Rizwan. We hope the ban gets lifted so these two will make it to the next Olympic Games. [Note: We’re not sure if the other shirtless guy is Rizwan.]

shirtless badminton players - KASHIF SULEHRI of pakistan

What do Lin Dan and Danish player Joachim Persson have in common? They both have washboard abs to die-for and they both want to kinda show you their underwear. Hehe. Joachim is currently ranked as the 3rd highest singles player in Denmark and has several titles to his name (i.e., the 2004 Irish International, 2005 Finnish International Championships, 2006 the Austrian International among others).

Joachim Persson shirtless underwear - danish badminton player

Another top Danish badminton athlete is 25-year-old Jan Ø. Jørgensen. According to wikipedia, he “won the bronze medal at the 2008 European Badminton Championships in men’s singles and the silver medal at the 2010 European Badminton Championships”. Here’s a shirtless Jan wearing an Indonesia costume. Ain’t that fun?

jan o jorgensen body - shirtless badminton playr

Other badminton players spotted rocking their Indonesian wayang outfits during the Djarum Indonesia Open 2012 Gala Dinner include South Korea’s Lee Yong Dae and Belgium’s Yuhan Tan.

shirtless badminton players - Lee Yong Dae and Yuhan Tan and Jan OJorgensen in wayang customes - Djarum Indonesia Open 2012 Gala Dinner

Yuhan is a six-time Belgian national champion in the men’s singles category and was the 2nd youngest badminton player to qualify for the 2008 Olympics but he did not go because the sports authorities of his country did not pick him. He’s done well in international competitions reaching the finals in the 2012 Australia Challenge, the 2011 Canada International, and the 2011 Brazil International. Not bad for a part-time athlete and part-time medical student, no?

Meanwhile Lee Yong Dae won an Olympic Gold medal (Beijing 2008) for mixed doubles with partner Lee Hyo-jung. In 2012, he added another Olympic medal to his collection when he partnered with Jung Jae-sung to bag the bronze medal for men’s doubles at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So who of these shirtless badminton players is your favorite? Want more shirtless athletes? Go check out our post on Shirtless Lacrosse Players.

Shirtless Badminton Players: Ten Hunks of Shuttlecock – Olympic & World Champions. Posted 21 October 2013. Last updated 8 May 2017.