Shirtless Asian Men in Jeans: Peter Le and Cory Koons

Shirtless Asian Men in Jeans: Peter Le and Cory Koons (Throwback post, originally published 5 October 2009). OMG. Is Peter Le the hottest muscle guy on earth or what? Our good friend Deena, who’s got a thing for men with muscles is really drooling over him.

But we’re sure you’d understand why. In fact, there must be something wrong with you if you are not drooling over him. He’s just super-beautiful. And, boy, does he have some abs to die for.

shirtless asian men in jeans - peter le

More about Peter from his Model Mayhem page: “My goal in modeling is to represent the Asian-American male icon. I bring a unique look and carry myself well. I can turn a three hour photo shoot into two hours with the experience I have. I take directions very well and often like to add my own creativity for photo shoots. If you’re interested in shooting me for fashion, fitness, or commercial work, please contact me. Paid assignments only. No TF’s.”

Shirtless Asian Men in Jeans Peter Le Washboard Abs2

By the way, you might want to follow Peter Le on Twitter. For more hot Asian male models, check out the following: Andy Honda, Brandon Lee, John Abraham, Benz Nipit Hange, Johnny Nguyen, and Stan McQuay. Also, you might want to check out more hot shirtless men in jeans?

Best Young & Smooth Asian Male Models? (20 April 2009). Okay, so which of these two Asian male models would you bring home to mama? This shirtless muscle guy in jeans?

shirtless asian men in jeans - muscle hunk

Or this cutie?

shirtless asian men - smooth

Men in Blue Jeans: Cory Koons, Asian Male Model (28 September 2008). We haven’t heard of this guy in blue jeans before but he’s pretty hot isn’t he? We found out later that he’s an Asian-American male model named Cory Koons.

shirtless asian men in jeans - cory koons

Does he resemble Justin Timberlake in any way? Our friend Deena says he does but we can’t see any resemblance at all. Maybe we should get our eyes checked? What say you?

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