Sexy Sweaters for Men: Sean O’Pry Next Fall Winter Menswear – Price Guide

next mens sweater 2014-15 - fall winter collection

Sexy Sweaters for Men. Who says men’s sweaters have to be bulky and unsexy? Not the world’s top male model Sean O’Pry and certainly not the Next designer who created the sexy, form-fitting, and chic sweater that our Sean is wearing in the pic above. Of course, to pull off that look, you gotta be in tip-top shape like Sean.

In the words of our friend and resident fashionista Kevin, “There’s nothing more pathetic than an out of shape dude wearing a form-fitting outfit that accentuates his ‘out of shapeness'”.

So how much money should you spend if you want to buy Sean O’Pry’s sweater in the photo above? It’s currently priced at £28 at the Next online store ( Not bad, eh? That’s not a prohibitive price at all.

The Blue/Ecru Cable Car Crew knit sweater which features a cable car and ski track design is made of 86% acrylic and 14% wool.

Anyhoo, let’s have more modeling photos of our Sean who snagged himself a lucrative ad campaign with British clothing retail store, Next. Check him out in a fabulous cardigan (100% cotton, £22).

sexy cardigan for men -next - sean opry

We’re also loving this V-Neck lambswool sweater.

sexy sweaters for men - next

How much is the sexy V-neck sweater? It’s priced at £30 so it ain’t bad. Right? Some details from

Made with lambswool yarn taken from the first clip of the sheep, this V-neck jumper has a soft, luxurious feel. 100% lambswool. Luxurious natural filling. Breathable, regulating body temperature and moisture.

By the way, did you know that the Brits call sweaters, “jumpers” or “jerseys”? Kinda cute, huh? Here’s another men’s sweater/jumper/jersey to keep you or your man warm this fall or the coming winter:

sexy sweaters for men - price guide

The above shawl neck knit is made of 100% acrylic and will cost you £26. Again, not a bad price.

That’s it for now, fellow SweaterWatchers or, if you’re from the British Isles, JumperWatchers!

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