Sexy Jeans for Men: Bryce Thompson in Tight Denim Jeans

Tight body-fitting jeans are probably the sexiest men’s jeans ever. But you must have the body shape like South African male model Bryce Thompson’s to pull off the “body hugging fit jeans look”. Believe you me, this type of jeans does not look sexy on a thin guy with no curvy behind.

We love, love, love the white denim jeans.


Joey Diego, Male Model in Sexy Jeans (posted 08 October 2009). We already have tons of blog posts featuring sexy, hunky, and sometimes shirtless men in jeans but let’s add this male model to our growing list. He’s sexy in a slutty kind of way, isn’t he?

We’re intrigued by the Arabic tattoo in his chest. And that hanging belt? It’s so suggestive. Hehe. Anyhoo, our photo files identify this guy as Joey Diego but we can’t anything more info about him on the interwebs to confirm his identity. Maybe you can ID the dude?


Brian Spears: Sexy Hunk in Jeans (posted 18 June 2008). Is Brian Spears sexy? The people at People Magazine think so because they listed him as the 5th most sexy bachelor in 2008. [David Cook is the third most sexy in case you don’t know.]

Bryan sure looks sexy in jeans in this beach photo of him with his dog. However, he should be more revealing the next time he has a beach pic. Lose the shirt Brian. Don’t you know that shirtless guys in jeans are the sexiest hunks ever?