Seth Meyers Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

Seth Meyers Shirtless Photos. Thank heavens we don’t have to make some fake Seth Meyers shirtless pics. Tons of them are on the internets. Well, not tons but it didn’t take us a lot of effort to find these photos of the NBC Late Night host.

seth meyers shirtless on snl

If we are not mistaken, these screencapped images are from a skit on Saturday Night Live.

seth meyers shirtless on snl2

So, Famewatchers, what say you of these real Seth Meyers shirtless pics? Not bad, eh?

Seth Meyers Underwear: Boxer Shorts. Now, we also don’t have to make a Seth Meyers underwear fake pic because our funny man gave us this:

Seems like he likes him his boxer shorts!


What’s the story behind the intriguing photo above? According to, he is mocking the fashion world and, in particular, Marc Jacobs who wore a similar outfit in 2012. More from Today:

“I liked it a lot more than I thought I would once I put it on,” he told Vanity Fair wryly. “You know this is a fashion night. I feel like this is a room that appreciates people who take chances with the way they dress, and I felt very supportive.”

He certainly didn’t mind taking the chance to poke fun at Jacobs and the outfit in his opening speech, asking whether the Met would even let Jacobs in on a normal day if he were wearing the dress.

“Sorry sir, but this is a museum,” Meyers imagined a Met employee saying. “I don’t care how many stores you own on Bleecker; you can’t come in.”

Is Seth Meyers Gay or Straight? He is straight but with all the gay-kissin’ he’s done, you’d be forgiven if you thought he is gay. First of all, he gets kissy with Mike O’Brien. And then he locks lips with Bill Hader (as Stefon).

seth meyers gay kiss with Bill Hader as Stefon and mike o brien

Lastly, here’s Seth when he tied the know with now-wife Alexi Ashe. The couple are now blessed with a son, Ashe Olson, who was born in March this year.

seth meyers wedding - wife Alexi Ashe

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