Seth MacFarlane Shirtless Photos

Seth MacFarlane Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend: 2017 Update. Yay. Thanks to his latest TV hit, The Orville, we now don’t have to rely on some silly fake Seth Macfarlane shirtless photos. We got the real deal courtesy of Check out the still photos from the 5th episode of Seth’s latest TV show:

seth macfarlane hairy chest

seth macfarlane shirtless

seth macfarlane body

seth macfarlane shirtless body

Seth Macfarlane Gay or Straight Update. We know, of course, that our very very rich funnyman is straight, but he went kissy kissy with David Hasselhoff during David’s Comedy Central roast. We’ve got the receipt:

seth macfarlane gay kiss david haselhoff

Get a room, guys!

Now, what is our Seth’s relationship status? Has he, finally, gotten himself a wife? Nah. He is still single. We do not know whether he has a girlfriend but, last year, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke confirmed that she dated our Seth between 2012-2013.

Seth MacFarlane Shirtless Photos. Do you think Seth Macfarlane has an upper body as sculpted as Kellan Lutz’s? Apparently, someone thinks so. This Seth superfan must be frustrated with the lack of Seth MacFarlane shirtless photos so s/he photoshopped Seth’s face onto Kellan’s body and, voila, we have Seth as a muscle god. See the original in Celebrities With Smooth Bodies.

seth macfarlane shirtless - hot body

And here’s another one, but unlike the first fake photo above, this time our “Seth” has left his chest hair unshaved. Nice.

seth macfarlane shirtless - hairy chest - hunk

Are we the only ones hoping that the next project of these photoshop “geniuses” will be fake pics of Seth in his underwear? We think he’ll look gorgeous in his boxers but we’d like to see him wearing a pair of skimpy briefs. Haha.

By the way, did you know that he voices practically all the male characters on Family Guy? We thought he’s only voicing one of the Griffins but he’s voicing most of them. He’s a pretty talented guy for sure.

Does Seth Have a Girlfriend? He reportedly dated actress Emilia Clarke, Daenerys Targaryen of the HBO fantasy series Games of Thrones, but maybe they are exclusive because Seth claimed in a Twitter message that he is single. So girls (and gay?) apparently still have a chance with our 39 year old bachelor.

seth macfarlane girlfriend - emilia clarke

According to, which may or not be accurate, Seth also dated the following: Christa Campbell, Kat Foster, Camille Guaty, Eliza Dushku, Kate Todd, Amanda Bynes, Ashley Greene, Kaylee DeFer, Katie Sah, Cara Santa Maria, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Alexis Knapp. Now, that’s a lot of girls. And none of them managed to make an honest man out of him?

Maybe it ain’t girls he is looking for? Maybe he’s gay?

Nah! We don’t think so. Although, we must admit that when we first hear of his name, we first thought that people were referring to that annoying gay guy in Will and Grace. Turns out that that guy is Sean Hayes who did come out as a gay man in 2010.

But Seth MacFarlane is certainly gay-friendly and is supportive of LGBT rights.

From wikipedia: “I’m incredibly passionate about my support for the gay community and what they’re dealing with at this current point in time”.

He continued, “Why is it that Johnny Spaghetti Stain in fucking Georgia can knock a woman up, legally be married to her, and then beat the shit out of her, but these two intelligent, sophisticated writers who have been together for 20 years can’t get married?”

Good for you, Seth. Now go and take an iPhone shirtless or underwear photo so we will include you in our Guys With iPhones.

Seth MacFarlane Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend
. Posted 16 January 2013. Updated 16 October 2017.