Sergio Momo Yeray on Elite: Shirtless, Girlfriend, Height

Sergio Momo Shirtless and Leather Pants Update. Came across this photo of Spanish actor Sergio Momo rocking a pair of leather pants and thought the leather-watchers among us will appreciate it. Looks pretty cool, ain’t it?

celebrity leather pants - sergio momo

Of course, we’ve got other photos too for those of you who are fans of male celebrities in their underoos. Hehe. You know who you are. We grabbed these from the website f*

male celebrity underwear 2022 - sergio momo calvin klein

male celebrity underwear - sergio momo calvin klein

male celebrity underwear - sergio momo

The next one’s a screencap from an episode of Elite. By the way, if you want to see more of Sergio, check him out on the TV series Welcome to Eden on Netflix. Haven’t watched it yet but it appears to be a good show if we go by its current Rotten Tomatoes (80% fresh).

male celebrity underwear - sergio momo in elite

Sergio Momo Yeray on Elite: Shirtless, Girlfriend, Height (5 October 2019). The international Netflix hit that is Elite is adding two new cast members to its third season. Famewatchers, meet Sergio Momo, one of the Elite newbies. We don’t know anything about what he will be doing on the show (other than being a student of course) but we do know that his role is named Yeray.

sergio momo as yeray on netflix

With the backwards hat and snazzy school uniform, he sure is giving us a Will Smith vibe from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

sergio momo yeray elite netflix

He’s better looking than Will though. Not that Will is not good looking, it’s just that Sergio is Dreamy with a capital D and Gorgeous with a capital G. Here’s another GIF of Sergio as Yeray which, we are pretty sure, will make you agree with us. Want more Netflix hunks? You should go check out our post on The Politician’s Trevor and Trey Eason aka the Hobart twins.

sergio momo as yeray on netflix3

Elite is not his first acting gig. Sergio is the newbie on Elite’s third season and is relatively new to the biz but the Netflix series is actually not his first gig in front of the camera. That credit goes to a TV show called Lost in the West where he appeared on four episodes as a guard hatter.

sergio momo lost in the west

He also starred in a 2017 drama thriller called Rescue Under Fire and is set to appear in another Netflix TV series called El Vecino (The Neighbor), a superhero comedy based on the graphic novels by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez. So, apparently, Sergio has two Netflix projects in the pipe. We sure are looking forward to streaming these shows next year. For the time being, here’s a screencap of the actor from Rescue Under Fire.

sergio momo rescue under fire

Sergio Momo Shirtless Photos. Here are some shirtless pics of our up and coming actor which we grabbed from his IMDB page as well as his social media account (follow him on Instagram @sergiomomo).

sergio momo shirtless2

sergio momo shirtless3

Some of you may argue that he is not really shirtless in this last photo but he is wearing a jacket so he is technically shirtless, no?

sergio momo shirtless

Sergio Momo Gay or Girlfriend? What’s his relationship status? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or is he still single and oh so available? We don’t know at the moment but we will update this post once we find out.

Sergio Momo Trivia. He goes by “Momo” as a nickname and he is 6′ 1½” (1.87 m) tall.

Sergio Momo Yeray on Elite: Shirtless, Girlfriend, Height. Posted 5 October 2019. Last updated: July 7, 2022 at 1:50 am.