Sebastiano Pigazzi Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Family

Sebastiano Pigazzi Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Family. Today in Hot Italian Men, we bring you Sebastiano Pigazzi who currently stars as Enrico in the new and critically acclaimed HBO show We Are Who We Are.

The 24-year-old actor is a newbie in Hollywood — this is just his third acting project — but he actually comes from a showbiz family. His mom, Diamy Spencer, is an interior designer who did some acting when she was younger.

More importantly, his grandfather is the late Carlo Pedersoli — more famously known as Bud Spencer — who was a big star in Italy. Carlo’s fame stemmed not only from being an actor who starred in 61 movies and television shows (per IMDB) but also from his accomplishments as a swimmer and water polo player who represented Italy in the Olympics and other international competitions.

Here’s Seb chilling with his grandpa:

Sebastiano Pigazzi with grandfather bud spencer

Sebastiano is actually a dead ringer for his late granddad. This is pretty evident in the side-by-side photos of a younger Carlo (the shirtless one on the left) and his grandson. It’s like they are twins, no?

Sebastiano Pigazzi and grandfather bud spencer

The up-and-coming actor inherited not only his grandfather’s gorgeous good looks but his swimming skills as well. In fact, the youngster was a member of the college swim team of Drew University where he studied history and political science.

Sebastiano Pigazzi drew university swim team

Sebastiano Pigazzi Shirtless and Underwear Photos. For the thirsty THOTs among us, here are Speedo photos of Sebastiano screencapped from the HBO show. Carrying co-star Francesca Scorsese:

Sebastiano Pigazzi shirtless speedo with Francesca Scorsese

Our Seb being playful while his costars Corey Knight and Beatrice Barichella laugh along:

Sebastiano Pigazzi speedo underwear

Wait, did he just remove his red Speedo swimsuit and is simply waving it around. Damn, Seb! We’re impressed.

sebastiano pigazzi shirtless nekkid body

sebastiano pigazzi body

sebastiano pigazzi shirtless enrico in we are who we are

More photos of Seb as Enrico:

Sebastiano Pigazzi enrico in we are who we are

Sebastiano Pigazzi we are who we are

Sebastiano Pigazzi Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no answers to these questions at this time but we will update this post ASAP once we do have the information.

For the time being, let’s appreciate these modeling photos of our Italian hunk courtesy of A Book of Us:

Sebastiano Pigazzi gay or straight

Damn! How big is his feet?

Sebastiano Pigazzi hot body

Wouldn’t it be fun if some photographer asks Seb to recreate his granddad’s many swimming photos like this one?

Sebastiano Pigazzi underwear grandfather bud spencer

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