Sean Evans Bald Hottie, Girlfriend Natasha Martinez, Shirtless Photo?

Sean Evans Bald Hottie, Girlfriend Natasha Martinez, Shirtless Photo?. So our friend Deena was telling us about a show called Hot Ones on Youtube which is apparently funny because the celebrities being interviewed are made to eat spicy chicken. We’re like, “Eh, that’s weird but it doesn’t really sound interesting. Call us when, like Joey Tribbiani, they’re looking at Monica Geller’s racy photo while eating chicken.”

Deena was like, “They won’t do that! But give it a watch because it’s really funny. Besides it’s hosted by a hot bald guy and I know you have a thing for baldies.” Way to bury the lede, Deena. You should have started with that. Of course we have a thing for bald guys which is why we have a Bald Men Are Hot category in this website.

sean evans bald men are hot

True enough, when we checked out Hot Ones on Youtube, Deena is right that its host Sean Evans is a total hottie. She is also right in saying that the show is a fun watch so it gained a new fan in yours truly. The Hollywood Reporter gives us more info about Hot Ones:

The show tasks famous people with consuming a plate of increasingly spicy wings, on camera, while they answer questions from Evans, who also chows down on scorching hot wings. While this “disruptive” set-up — to use Evans’ words — may seem like little more than a hilarious viral video, it’s his meticulous research that truly makes each interview meaningful. Every question is so thoughtful and well constructed that his subjects are often visibly shocked when he brings up the sports they played in high school or the jobs they’ve had outside of the entertainment industry.

Is Sean Evans Gay or Straight? He is straight and he’s got himself a girlfriend, Natasha Martinez. She is also in the biz having done some acting and TV hosting jobs. Here are some photos of Sean and Natasha looking good together which we grabbed from the former’s Instagram account which you might want to follow @seanseaevans.

sean evans girlfriend natasha martinez

sean evans girlfriend natasha martinez2

Young Sean Evans. Apparently, our Sean is a sporty guy who played football and lacrosse:

sean evans young - football uniform

sean evans lax bro - lacrosse

Sean Evans Shirtless. Unfortunately for the thirsty among you who are looking for shirtless pics of the Hot Ones host, we can’t find any on his Instagram account. Hehe. But we don’t want to leave you parched so we are uploading this shirtless photo of his kind of a namesake, Shaun Evans. Of course, we will be updating this post if we find any shirtless Sean pics in the future.

shaun evans shirtless

For those of you wondering, Shaun is a British actor who is most known for his TV show Endeavour where he plays the lead role, Enveavour Morse. However, the pic above is from an earlier show he starred in called Teachers.