Scott McGillivray Shirtless, Young Zaddy, Wedding Photos

Scott McGillivray Shirtless, Young Zaddy, Wedding Photos. Today in Hot Zaddy Hunk of the Day, we bring you the gorgeous Canadian hottie that is Scott McGillivray who’s seen in our first photo below drinking beer (we think) after a dip in the water.

For those of you not yet familiar with this guy, Scott is a 42-year-old television host who’s been a mainstay on Canadian and American television since 2009. Currently, he’s hosting a show called Vacation House Rules where he helps vacation home owners convert their cottages into fabulous rental properties.

Scott McGillivray shirtless

Who says a zaddy does not know how to surf? Surely not our Scottie.

Scott McGillivray body surfer dad bro

A younger and shirtless Scott comfortably carries what looks like a bag of cement.

Scott McGillivray body when younger

Scott McGillivray body

Ride the surf, daddy!

Scott McGillivray dad bod

You can’t be a real estate expert on TV without actually knowing the things you talk about in real life. Here’s Scott helping in a home renovation.

Scott McGillivray hot construction worker

Another shirtless photo of our television hunk from his younger days.

Scott McGillivray shirtless canadian hunk

Scott McGillivray Gay or Straight? He is straight and is very much married to his wife Sabrina. The two said their “I dos” eleven years ago in 2009 and are now raising two kids together. Here are photos of the hubby and the wifey on their wedding day:

Scott McGillivray wedding with wife sabrina - 2009

Awww. They look so young.

Scott McGillivray wedding with wife sabrina

Huh. Are you sure these are the same guys? For some reason, Scott’s got a baby face in the preceding photo and but now looks way more mature in the next photo below. Must have been the angle and the way they are posing, no?

Scott McGillivray wedding with wife sabrina2

Young Scott McGillivray Photos.  Apparently our Canadian hunk is a fan of long and curly hair when he was younger. Here’s a shirtless Scott backpacking in Costa Rica. By the way, we grabbed these photos from the TV host’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @scott_mcgillivray.

Scott McGillivray young backpacker in costa rica

Awww! How cute is our Scottie and his turtleneck shirt?

Scott McGillivray young haircut

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