Scott Foley Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Sexy Hunk in His 40s

Scott Foley Shirtless and Underwear Photos. You’ve already seen a shirtless photo of American actor Scott Foley (in Shirtless Daddy Hunks) but some of you are shouting, “MORE! MORE! MORE shirtless photos!”, so let’s have an entire post dedicated to our 41-year-old actor.

noel crane shirtless in felicity - scott foley

Okay, so the first shirtless pic above is from Felicity, a drama series aired by The WB from 1998 to 2002 which is named by AOL-TV as one of the “Best School Shows of All Time”. In Felicity, Scott played the role of Noel Crane one side of the love triangle which involved Felicity Porter (played by Keri Russell) and Ben Covington (played by Scott Speedman).

Meanwhile, the next shirtless photo below is from a recent episode of Scandal where Scott plays the role of Capt. Jake Ballard. Question to Scandal fans: Who would you rather do, the Captain or President Fitz Grant III? To help you decide, check out our earlier post on the guy who plays the President: Tony Goldwyn Shirtless.]

scott foley naked as Captain Jake Ballard in scandal

One of the things we love about Scott is the fact that he keeps his chest hair unshaved which you can see in this shirtless pic from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (where he was Henry Burton in a total of 15 episodes).

scott foley no shirt in greys anatomy

Scott appeared in four episodes of Cougar Town. Understandably, the producers of the show had him chuck off his shirt. Yay!

scott foley shirtless in cougar town (2)

So did the producers of Law and Order: SVU where Scott had a guest role as Dalton Rindell back in 2009.

scott foley shirtless in law and order svu

Want to see Scott Foley in his underwear? Check out this still photo of our guy in his boxer shorts. The image is from The Unit, a CBS military action/drama series where our Scott played the role of Sergeant First Class Bob Brown.

scott foley underwear -boxers - shirtless photo in the unit

Another photo of Scott in boxer shorts.


Incidentally, if and are to be believed, our Scott prefers to wear boxers underwear rather than briefs. So now you know. Hehe.