Scott Eastwood Underwear, Beach Shorts, and Workout Routine

Scott Eastwood Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? What kind of underwear does Scott Eastwood, son of Clint and Abercrombie model, like to wear? Is he wearing boxers or briefs under all that sand? In our imaginary perfect world (where mermans are real), he’d be wearing nothing. Haha.

scott eastwood - naked merman on the beach

In the real world however, it looks like our Scotty is a boxer shorts guy kind of guy. See.

scott eastwood boxer shorts

Is the gal his girlfriend? Nah. She’s a fellow model. But he is reportedly dating another model named Brittany Brousseau who took the “merman” photo above.

scott eastwood underwear

Aside from modeling, Scott has started to make his presence felt in Hollywood. In 2014 alone, he is starring in five movies — The Perfect Wave (which is yet to be released domestically and worldwide although it’s been screened in South Africa), Walk of Fame, Dawn Patrol, Fury, and Mercury Plains.

We’re most looking forward to Fury because it stars another hottie, the Bra in Brangelina (aka Brad Pitt). Fury is scheduled for release this coming November.

scott eastwood beach shorts

Scott Eastwood Sexy Body Workout Routine. What is Scott’s workout regimen like? How did he achieve those enviable washboard abs and chiseled body? Obviously, he works out by catching fish and using them to do bicep curls.

scott eastwood board shorts

He builds his shoulders by doing overhead presses using a big bottle full of water. Fifty reps of this routine will give you the manly shoulders you’ve been dreaming about. [A wet Scott is cool and hot! Who wants to take a shower with this guy? Of course you do! But, sorry, you have to fall in line. The queue is two-kilometers wide but good things are reserved for those who wait. Hahaha.]

mens board shorts 2014 - scott eastwood

He works out by making funny poses with friends.

scott eastwood shirtless - sin camisa - washboard abs

What kind of weightlifting does he do? It’s not a secret, really. He lifts big drumsticks all the way to his mouth (which is why he’s got good gums and perfect teeth, joke joke).

scott eastwood workout secrets

And most importantly, he works out by actually doing some physical work like, you know, yard work and gardening and stuff. Real work? What’s not to like. This should make his conservative dad really proud.

scott eastwood workout

So, fellow Famewatchers, now you know Scott Eastwood’s workout secrets.

Photos courtesy of Scott Eastwood’s instagram account (@scotteastwood).