Scapa Sports Menswear: Belgian Fashion Brand – Male Model Chad White

Scapa Sports Menswear: Belgian Fashion Brand. Our imaginary boyfriend, the really handsome Chad White is featured in the Fall/Winter Ad campaign of Scapa Sports. Scapa, for those of you who are ignorant of European labels (hehe) is a pretty famous Belgian fashion label known for coming up with fabulous and dressy outfits for active and sporty men. Who says hunky athletes can’t be trendy and fashionable? Certainly not Chad White, the metrosexual David Beckham, and them designers at Scapa Sports.

scapa menswear belgian fashion brand

scapa menswear

scapa sportswear

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Belgian Sports Jacket: Scapa Menswear on Chad White
21 December 2010

Green is not our color but we are soo buying this Scapa sports jacket on Chad White because…. well because …. damn you subliminal advertising you, okay we’re buying it because we are so liking Chad’s well-toned hairless chest. Har. Har. How silly is that. Honestly, when was the last time you bought an outfit not because you like it but because you liked the photo of a model wearing it? There must be a study on how model advert photos impact on actual sales, no?

white jacket for men - belgian fashion style

For more menswear from Scapa (a Belgian fashion label), check out our previous entry on Scapa Sports fashion. If you’d rather ogle at the American gorgeousness of Chad White, you should go see his squarecut underwear (while riding a horse), his sexy camouflage underwear, and his fall jackets for Littlewoods men’s catalogue.