Sandor Funtek Shirtless, Girlfriend, Russian Doll Cutie

Sandor Funtek Shirtless, Girlfriend, Russian Doll Cutie. Today in Hot Men in Suit, we bring you French-Hungarian actor Sandor Funtek who is rocking his Dior suit in the photo below. For those wondering where he’s at, Sandor is attending the 2022 Cesar Award where he was nominated for Most Promising Actor for his role as the hip-hop artist Kool Shen in the 2021 movie Supremes. He did not bring home the bacon but, as they say, getting nominated is also a pretty cool achievement.

sandor funtek hot in a suit - red carpet

More photos of Sandor rocking his suit and tie look because why not? We grabbed these pics, as well as the rest of the photos in this post, from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @sandorfuntek.

sandor funtek hot in a suit - model pose

sandor funtek hot in a suit

Now, if you read our update on Russian Doll star Charlie Barnett, we mentioned that he — or rather the role he plays, Alan Zaveri — has found himself a love interest on the show. Said love interest is played by our Sandor Funtek who, if we are not mistaken, appeared in two episodes of the show. His appearances were very brief but the guy has presence onscreen and you can say that he really is talented. Here’s the actor with Natasha Lyonne who plays the main character and co-created the Emmy-nominated series.

sandor funtek russian doll hunk

Is it us or does Sandor also remind you of Conrad Ricamora who starred in How To Get Away With Murder? Actually, when the French actor first appeared on screen we were like, “Hey look, Conrad is on Russian Doll!” Of course, we discovered later that it’s not Conrad, but an equally talented actor.

Sandor Funtek Shirtless and Underwear Photos. You didn’t think we’d write a post about a hunky French actor and not include some shirtless and underwear photos, did ya? Of course not! We know Famewatchers are a thirsty bunch so we gotta include these photos which, as earlier mentioned, we grabbed from his Insta (@sandorfuntek) which you might want to follow!

sandor funtek shirtless french actor

sandor funtek underwear

sandor funtek shirtless - instagram sandorfuntek

Sandor Funtek Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We do not know if he is in a relationship at the moment but we will update this post ASAP when we find out if he has a girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe a husband or wife. For the time being, here’s the actor with his Russian Doll love interests, Charlie Barnett and Carolyn Michelle. You gotta watch the show if you wanna know what happens to them!

sandor funtek russian doll - carolyn michelle and charlie barnett

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